April Fools (Blog #3)

Today is April fools so It only seems fit to write a blog about poor and outdated training/fat loss info. For decades we've been told hundreds of different ways of how to train and eat. Everything in the gym has a place and depending on your goals most foods are ok too. But lets take a look as some of the silliest rumors on nutrition and exercise:

"I lifted weights today, I can eat whatever I want". April Fools!

On training days its ok to have a few more carbs pre & post workout but Im talking maybe a 1/2 an orange, not a large container of french fries.

"I want to burn lots of fat so Im going to do an hour on the elliptical". April Fools!

Long, slow cardio over long periods of time without mixing in heavy resistance training can and WILL make you slow, weak and probably fatter. You may be burning calories but unfortunately you'll also be eating away your bodies precious bone and muscle.

"I don't want to bulk so Im going to lift light weights and do really high reps". April Fools!

If you're a beginner really high reps will have you sore as hell for days which isn't a good thing. A little muscle soreness is great but when its excessive, you did too much. And if you've been training a while and are still using the same weights, reps and sets routine you will quickly find yourself stuck in a plateau. You must force your body to adapt, sometimes anything different is good. Changing up your rep ranges, amount of sets, duration of rest and your exercise order will ensure you avoid injuries, boredom and those god-awful plateaus.

"I heard Squats and Dead Lifts are bad for your back". April Fools!

No, the way YOU squat and dead lift are bad for your back. Learning proper technique for these vital human movements will only excel your strength, fat loss and training regiment.

"I just don't have time to cook my meals or get to the gym". April Fools!

If you continue to lie to yourself and skip the gym and eat out everyday other day you will probably get fat, weak and die around 55 instead of 85! You're going to spend money on your health one way or another; whether you choose to spend it on good quality foods and a trainer or on doctor visits and restaurants, its your decision.

"Days off are for "sissies" I don't need to rest". April Fools!

I used to have this mindset and lift everyday (usually benching 4 x a week) for years! It left me with a weaker bench press, bad shoulders, back pain and frustrated. Im all about going HARD at the gym but rest days are critical for your recovery and overall health. Rest days are great opportunities to fuel up, hydrate up and sleep well so your body can train for years.

Train Your ass off 3-5 Days a week

Eat Clean 80% of the time

Make Water your main fluid

Turn off all those dam electronics and go to bed an hour earlier

Be a Fearless Earth Stomper

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