"The Fountain of Youth" (Blog #4)

A slew of emails over the years of frightened "older" potential clients have filled my yahoo account but it's been more than usual over the past year. Overall, their main concern is not being able to lift weights safely and most are convinced that there is no need to lift weights. This has prompted me to write a blog specially directed towards the benefits of resistance training for the "older" client. I use the word "older" carefully, I picked a nice round number and 40 years old is what I came up with. 40 is when a lot of people really slow down and start losing their flexibility, mobility, muscle mass, bone density and power.

Age is really just a number, I've encountered countless people in their 80's that move great and are mentally sharper than most. Of course genetics plays a role but their lifestyle is what keeps them ticking so smoothly. Everyone of them all had similar things in common: They all read BOOKS everyday, they all walked for MILES a day and they all moved ALOT. Movement is the key to living a long, healthy life! Adding resistance training to your active lifestyle is only going to increase the quality of your life.

Resistance training increases blood flow, strengthens bones, increases muscle strength and leaves you feeling confident and euphoric after a great session. The benefits of training with weights has been known to be good for a while now but with more and more studies backing this we're really seeing that its even better than we had first thought. Around 40 years old we all begin to lose power, that basically means we lose the ability to fire our muscles quickly. This may not seem like a big deal but now think about Grandam taking a fall down her front steps, she trips and loses her balance and hits the deck. An increase in the ability to fire the muscles quickly may save us and Grandam from taking that nasty spill. How many of you have ever tripped over something, caught yourself from falling and just kept walking? Thank You Power!

Resistance training also acts as an air traffic controller for nutrient transport, allows waste product to leave the body more efficiently and when your lifting weights your creating homeostasis with the bodies hormone levels. This is especially important to Diabetics because resistance training burns sugar in the blood.

Some More Benefits of Resistance Training:

Lowers the risk of Diabetes

Lowers Blood Pressure

Lowers the risk of certain Cancers

Lowers bad (ldl) Cholesterol levels

Decreases Joint Pain

Increases Heart health

Increases Mood

Increases Sex Drive (thats fun)

Blow are some of my amazing clients (all over 40 and some over 50) lifting weights. Some of them are newer to NO Bull and some have been with me for years. I wanted to use all of my clients over 40 but to be honest there were just too many.

Click here to see Sally showing off her Hip Mobility

Squatting is a basic human movement that we lose if we stop using. Beds, seats, toilets, cars and couches have limited our ability to squat deep. Its NOT bad for your knees!

Click here to see Valerie Dead Lifting a heavy Kettle Bell from an elevated position

Dead Lifting may be the most important of all human movements. It's a big bang for your buck exercise because of the amount of muscles it uses.

Click here to see Cathy pressing 25 pound Dumbbells over her head.

Over head pressing is a great strength exercise. When Cathy started she struggled with 15 lb. DB's

Click here to see Barb dragging a 150 pound Sled

Sled drags are another great exercise to use all the muscles of the body but more importantly the clients love it!

Click here to see Joe perfecting his Dead Lift and Over Head Press

Joe is just starting out so we are getting him use to the basics and making him focus on form so we avoid any injuries. We have a big fat loss goal with Joe so making him move a lot is key.

Click here to see Dorothy doing Band Resisted Step Ups

Step Ups to strengthen the legs are a great exercise and are very low risk. If you have a strong human like Dorothy you can easily add a band to increase the difficulty.

Click here to see Vera doing Feet Elevated Push Ups

Push Ups are amazing and are underutilized. There are a dozen great ways to modify Push Ups if you cant do them yet and/or you can modify them to make them harder like we did here with Vera.

Click here to see Frank Bench Pressing and doing a crazy Pull Up variation

Bench Press with a Barbell isn't for everyone but Frank has no issues and has great shoulder health, his Pull Ups are so good that we had to make them harder by having him do it while holding chains.

Click here to see Michelle doing Turkish Get Ups

Michelle is a great mover so we give her more advanced exercises like the TGU. Overall, this exercise does it all.

I wish I could of posted videos of all our Warriors but I think you guys get the point.

Lift Weights - Become a Better You!

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