"You won't live forever" (Blog #6)

The title of this blog is 100% correct but I think we need to elaborate a bit here. We all know we won't live forever but when people have this mind set it makes it easier to just wing it through life and avoid looking ahead. Living spontaneously and winging it sometimes is simply awesome but this mindset isn't ideal with every situation. I know plenty of people that buy whatever pops in their head because of their "Screw it I might die tomorrow attitude" and also have trouble paying their mortgage and car payment. Heres a News Flash, you're not going to die tomorrow, chances are you're not going to die for another 30+ years!!

So now if you know you're not going to die anytime soon doesn't that change things a bit?! I came to this crossroad myself in my early twenties, I was living fast and was reckless thinking I might die so screw everything. Now I realize that yes, I may die sooner than later but chances are I'm going to be here for many more blog posts :) That instantly made me start thinking and living differently. I used to just go buy whatever I wanted anytime I wanted it, now I see the importance of saving money and thinking ahead for the future. Doing a little planning ahead with actually give you clarity and will help de-clutter your life and thoughts.

The key here is to look ahead more than a month, 3 months, 6 months, dare I say look a full year ahead. Where will you be? What will you be doing? Are you on the path that will lead you to your goal? Think about how hard a lot of us start planning out our meals, our training regiments and our overall health in February knowing beach season is only a couple months away. We start eating cleaner, we start training harder, we slow down on our alcohol consumption knowing that the Summer is coming. Thats great planning and preparing and the results are usually amazing. When beach season arrives you are proud of yourself that you busted your ass to attain a goal (a leaner body in this case).

Now take that "I have to get my ass in shape for the Summer" attitude and apply it to your entire life. Put that little extra effort into your savings account every month, put that little extra effort into your training sessions every week, put that little extra effort into being the best Mommy or Daddy you can be, put that little extra effort in at your job and become the best dam Nurse, Teacher, Landscaper, Construction Worker, Lawyer or House Cleaner you can be. It just takes a little looking ahead and planning your next move/moves.

Every week I talk to people that have different goals, from losing 40 pounds to wanting to bench press double their body weight to wanting to complete a marathon. My first job is to ask questions and find out where they are and how can we get them to their goal. The problem is a lot of people want "A" but are on path "B". If you want to lose 40+ pounds than why on earth are you eating out a couple of times a week? If you want to bench press 2 x your body weight why the hell are lifting the pink dumbbells? If you want to complete a marathon why are you smoking cigarettes? These people are failing to look ahead far enough and aren't attacking their goals head on. Simplifying your path makes attaining your goals much easier.

I spoke to a young lady the other day who lives near me and wants to lose weight. I told her about this amazing park that has a huge hill that I go to weekly to do my hill sprints. This helps me stay fit, clears my head being outside running alone and decreases my stress levels. I asked her to join me and her first response was "Are there people around"? I said "Yes, of course, its a park" she replied "Oh, NO! I cant go there than". She went on to explain to me that she's embarrassed and wont go to a gym or park where people are because she's afraid they'll make fun of her. Now trust me I understand it takes balls to walk into a gym if your timid so I explained to her that no one is going to make fun of you and chances are they wont even notice you. Thats an ego driven thought process if you think everyone is concerned with your workout because I can tell you their not. At our group classes we have 30+ people training in a 2400 square foot gym daily and everyone is so busy with their own training that their not worried about you.

You can get a lot more done and be way more effective in life when you Plan ahead:

Plan Ahead (3,6,12 months/ 5 years)

Honestly ask yourself: Is my daily behavior (eating, sleeping, working, saving, training) leading me to my goal/goals?

Do I honestly give a shit what others think? (you shouldn't)

For every goal you have figure out where you currently are and where you want to be!

Think about our "Maps" app on your phone, it finds out where you currently are and where you want to go and it maps out the best route (for the most part) This is exactly what you should be doing....

Now Im not saying living like an automaton is the way to go because no one likes a square Im simply trying to help you guys clearly see your goal, find the right path, attain the goal and move onto the next one while being as efficient as possible. Of course, there should be times where you and your friends go get lost in an unknown city. That may or may not include alcohol!

"Live spontaneously but calculated"

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