"Attack Your Weaknesses" (Blog #9)

We've all heard the expression "The weak link rules the chain". It basically means that you're only as strong as your weakest point, whatever that may be. Personally, I have many weaknesses but over the years I've begun to attack them head on. For years my biggest fear was roller coasters so I finally decided to man up and go on one. I hated it and my legs were jello for an hour but I did feel a sense of accomplishment for finally doing it (i'll never do it again).

We all have weak links but most of us do everything in our power to avoid them or forget about them. By doing this we can never fix the issues and improve. So today that all stops! I want you all to write down 5 of your biggest weaknesses, whether it's physical, emotional, being a poor reader, having a terrible diet or the fear of roller coasters and make a plan on how to address them and improve upon them. After you come up with your list of weaknesses I want you to grade them on an A to F scale, A obviously being no issues/weakness and F being the biggest weakness you have.

For example: One of my biggest weaknesses for years was my ability to sit and read. I hated it and would never do it because I wasn't good at it and couldn't sit long enough to enjoy a good book. So I would of given myself an F for this weakness. Today after years of buying and reading 1 book a month I have learned to love reading and have read over 3 dozen books cover to cover. I would now say my grade is a B (there is always room for improvement). I flat out attacked this reading weakness by buying books that looked interesting to me off of Amazon and I even bought a dictionary because I was getting stumped on words more times than I'd like to admit. But slowly my vocabulary and ability to read faster and more efficiently started to improve.

At our gym we see all types of people with different physical weak links. I have some guys that can bench press 350 pounds but can't do a proper pushup. I've even seen 300+ pound back squatters that cant do a single rep of unloaded split squats properly. These are major weak links that if left unabated will no doubt lead to catastrophic injury. The best thing these people can do is stop doing what they're good at as much and work on their weak links daily. Dan Jon (one of the smartest guys out there) says "If its important, do it everyday"

We all stay in our comfort zones and try to bypass what we aren't good at but this has disastrous results over the long haul. I want you all to "man up", write down your 5 biggest weaknesses/weak links and attack them all out. And I mean go full throttle and pull no punches. If your eating is your biggest problem (like most of us): Clean out your kitchen throwing all the bullshit foods out, go to the supermarket and stock your house with all clean foods and stop eating out. This will increase the odds for your success.

After you have your 5 weaknesses remember to grade them honestly, spend a solid month or two attacking these issues and reassess. Regrade your weaknesses after the month and if you've honestly done what you were supposed to do you will have improved upon them which will lead to a better you. So many of us just keep hammering away at things we are already good at but thats very limiting in the big picture. Stop doing what you're really good at and start doing what you suck at and you'll be pleasantly surprised at your overall improvements. These improvements will also increase the things you're already good at, thats a win win if you ask me.

Don't be too hard on yourself but be very honest. We will always have things we can improve upon until the day we die so make sure you always keep it fun and playful.

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