"Do we really need all that" (Blog #12)

This past weekend I was at a couple of car dealerships, as I walked around I was approached by numerous salesmen. Most of them were extremely arrogant, cocky and would talk right over you not caring one bit what you had to say. They all were very smooth talkers though and were very good at getting me excited to buy big. These salesmen were good at manipulating your thought process, the monthly payments and all the extra bells and whistles that you could add. Now Im not knocking the salesmen, they're just doing their jobs. Personally, I cant be swayed easily and I went in knowing exactly what I wanted and how much I wanted to spend, period!

Look at this example above and apply it to the health & fitness industry. All day, everyday through TV, internet, radio marketing we are being sold the next best thing. Someone is always trying to sells us a new product that will give you "the edge" and will burn the most fat and will give you the biggest _ _ _ _ or will allow you to squat 900 pounds. Now Im not saying some of these pre/post workouts drinks and protein powders don't work but the latest research out on most of them is disturbing: There is No research out on most of them. They are not tested by the FDA and the side effects are unknown. When they do find out people are getting sick, headaches and urinating highlighter orange they take them off the shelf, rename them and resell them under a different name. Thats scary!

A couple years back I read a great study where they took two dozen college students, put them in a room and allowed them to drink. Every couple of drinks the researchers would come in and question the students on their sobriety level. After 3 beers the students were questions and all 24 students claimed to be "buzzed," after 5 beers the students were questioned again and all 24 students claimed to be "drunk". They were louder, more obnoxious and were all supposedly "drunk". What the researches didn't tell the students was the beer they were drinking was non-alcoholic! (I know nonalcoholic beer has SOME alcohol, but not enough to do what the students claimed) This is in a sense a Placebo Effect. All the students were told to "have fun," "drink up" and "act how you would normally act at a bar". Is this what happens when people buy the newest fat burning pill or pre-workout? Do they want it to work so bad that they convince themselves that it does?

In my career of lifting weights Ive pretty much tried everything so I am speaking from my own personal experiences. Pus, all the research I read on these "wonder pills/powders" shows me that most of it is a huge waste of money! Im not saying all are a waste of money but make sure you do your research. What works best for me and most of the healthiest humans I know is just simply using what the earth has provided us: Water, Oxygen, A functioning Body (that is the best piece of machinery on the planet), A Brain (that is the most advanced computer we'll ever see or have) and the will to be healthy. As a trainer I feel it is immoral for me to "sell" my clients anything that I know probably doesn't work or is unhealthy for them. Our goal as trainers is to make our clients healthier, period! If you want to sell things go be a salesmen not a strength coach or trainer.

Need a kickstart in the morning: Drink Black Coffee or Green Tea

Need more Protein: Eat more Chicken & Fish

Need to recover from your workout: Chug some water, eat an apple with some walnuts and take a nap

Save your Money - When you see all these big companies selling you the next great thing, just remember that they don't have your best interest at heart, they want your money!

Use what the Earth has provided you and I promise, you will be healthier than ever...

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