"Blogs & Books" (Blog #16)

Hey guys, Im currently writing my second book! My first book shocked me at how well it did and is still doing. If you weren't aware that I wrote a book heres a link to buy my book on amazon. I want to thank everyone for the support, I love to share my knowledge with the world and book number two will be even better! I don't want to give the details away so when Its complete you will all know about it and hopefully grab a copy...

I will be cutting back on blogs just for a month or so but I will try to get a new one out every other week so I can have more time to finish book #2. I want to thank you all for being such great clients, friends and mentors to me, I feed off hard workers and positive attitudes. I promise to make this 2nd book as good as I can make it - I'm looking for a release date in approximately 3 months so be ready!

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