"What's your Why?" (Blog #17)

Everyone has a different reason that they eat well and/or train their bodies. I personally train to ensure that I have strong bones and muscles that will let me do whatever life may bring my way whether it be running up hills with my kids, fight off a mugger, go bike riding or do the Spartan Race like team No Bull did this weekend. Although as amazing as it feels to be able to do almost anything physically because of hard training and proper nutrition, the mental aspect of what a healthy lifestyle brings us is even greater. When we are training hard and eating clean everything in life is better, your mind is clearer, your joints feel great and your confidence is way up!

The Spartan Race up Blue Mountain this weekend was a 5 mile obstacle course that included rope climbing, cargo nets, monkey bars, spear throws, sand bag carries and my personal favorite, a ton of crawling through mud. This was all done while running (and lots of walking) up blue Mountains steepest black diamond trails. It was the toughest thing I've ever personally done but it was also one of the greatest. The thing I liked about it most besides the team camaraderie, which there was a ton of, was that this race "forced" my No Bull crew and myself to train harder. Knowing that we had this race coming up, it had us training with more intensity and putting in extra work on days that we may not have otherwise. Our water intake was on point and our nutrition was of higher quality a month out of the race to ensure that we would survive and thrive on top of the mountain.

Another amazing reason to train was that none of us got hurt! We acclimated our bodies by lifting weights to take on anything that the race would throw at us. Even the soreness I feel today is minimal and trust me this race was brutal on the body. The mental toughness you gain through training is possibly the greatest quality that you will receive, there were points at the race that people were basically giving up and laying down and you could see the defeat in their eyes. Fortunately, we didn't have that problem, in fact, our crew was ready for more!

So I ask you; What is your Why? Why do you train? Why do you eat clean? If you don't train hard consistently and if you don't eat clean, why not? The only spark you should need is being the best possible you! A great You will make you a better worker, a better business owner, a better mommy, a better daddy, a better friend, a better lover, a better Spartan Racer and it will give you the confidence to take on anything! Become a better You - The way is through training and nutrition with dedication and consistency.

To check out some of our amazing pictures from the Spatan Race we did this weekend: CLICK THIS LINK!

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