"Top 10 ways to burn fat" (Blog #18)

This summer has been very successful when it comes to fat burning for many of the No Bullers. Whether they do group classes, personals or both, I want to share their fat burning "secrets". These top 10 lists can be pretty wacky sometimes but this top 10 list that I will share with you now will be ways that have actually worked for many people time and time again. I know many of us struggle in this area so I want to share this with you all so hopefully you can try them out and benefit from them...

Fat Burning Secret #1:

Drink a ton of water:

Estimates vary, but an active human should drink approximately 1/2 their bodyweight in ounces of pure water. A hydrated body lets you avoid unneeded snacking and it makes your organs work more efficiently. It also keeps your joints lubricated, fends off headaches and creates a haven for fat burning. We all know water is important but knowing that and taking daily actions to ensure you will drink more are two different things.

Fat Burning Secret #2:

Eat less processed sugar:

Processed sugars are everywhere, many of them are hidden and you don't even realize you're eating or drinking them. Processed sugars make you fat, sluggish, tired and studies show they are a huge reason for many illnesses in modern America. Even things as simple as your morning coffee, imagine if you're using 5+ sugar packets a day; over a week, month or the year, thats a ton of unneeded processed sugar. Its more than just the hidden calories in the sugar, it also makes your body more acidic which is what cancer cells love. Not to mention, it wreaks havoc on your hormone levels.

Fat Burning Secret #3:

Don't stress eat:

You know exactly what Im talking about. Stress eating is a huge problem for many of us, you must find a different outlet and/or decrease your stress. When we eat food (especially fatty/high carb foods) our bodies releases "feel good hormones" so its easy to eat when we're stressed knowing we will feel better. But this is only a short term fix, the longterm effects snowball into a fatter, more depressed you from this little trick your body plays on you. Lift weights, go for a run, read a book but avoid stress eating. It's a conscious decision that you have total control of.

Fat Burning Secret #4:

Food Shop 2 or 3 times a week:

Sounds stupid right? But a healthy households food supply should grow mold or perish quickly because healthy, fresh foods don't last long unlike processed boxed junk. Food shopping 2 or 3 times a week ensures that you will have access to all the good stuff like fruits, veggies, lean meats, fish and it will stop those last second decisions of going out to eat.

Fat Burning Secret #5:

Walk more:

Walking is the most underrated activity a healthy human can do. It's not an accident that our ankles, hips and shoulders can rotate, hinge, flex, extend and take tons of outside forces. We are made to walk and walk a lot! Walking is shown to actually maintain (or even add in weaker people) bone density in the hips. Morning or nightly walks will make you a healthier person overall. Think about most peoples daily activity levels: We wake up get into a car, drive, sit at work, drive home, drive to the supermarket, sit to watch TV and then sleep. Make it a point to walk more or you will wind up fatter, slower and will probably have knee, back or shoulder pain on a daily basis.

Fat Burning Secret #6:

Lift weights:

And Im not talking about the little pink weights in the corner. Men and women alike must lift weights to combat the low activity levels our modern world puts us in. Lifting weights packs on muscle and bone density which is vital if you want to live a healthy life well into your 80's & 90's. Your muscular and skeletal system sets the tone for whats going on inside your body. A good strong frame will be followed by perfectly working systems all around. Having a little more muscle and bone also creates a fat burning factory. Try doing a lot of compound movements (multi joint), like dead lifts, squats, push ups and pull ups. These exercises are not bad for you if you learn the proper way of doing them.

Fat Burning Secret #7:

Rid your mind of self doubt:

The mind is a scary place for most people! Think about how many people cant or wont sit in silence for any amount of time. Why is that? We are searching for stimulus at all times to avoid our own thoughts. We keep our heads deep in iPhones, iPads, computers, Tvs or anything that will keep our minds occupied and not think about reality. But thinking in silence is when you can really find peace and self worth, instead of comparing your self to Kim Kardashian or the worlds strongest man. Getting rid of self doubt takes a daily ritual of setting goals, attain goals and moving on to bigger goals. This happens a lot more effectively if you slow your brain down, enjoy some silence and accept reality and make the changes you need to make. You're probably asking yourself how riding your mind of self doubt can burn fat; well its simple, a strong mind creates a strong will and a strong body!

Fat Burning Secret #8:

Stop playing the blame game:

Blaming others for you being unable to control what goes into your mouth is not a great way to lose fat. An example of this is when mom, dad or a friend comes over to your house with a dozen doughnuts. It doesn't mean that you have to eat those doughnuts! You have a fully capable mind to make the decision that you will not eat 6 of them. It may be tempting but just decide that eating something like that sets you back further from your goals of being healthy & happy. The short term effect of that doughnut is not worth the mental lashing that you'll be giving yourself for the next two days. Take responsibility for where you are right now!

Fat Burning Secret #9:

Plan your fuel:

Plan out what you will be eating for the week or at least the day. This will stop that easy phone call to the pizza man (although pizza is ok once in a while). If you just take 5 minutes a day you can easily plan what you and your family will be eating, this will ensure you know exactly whats in the foods you will be eating. And cooking is simpler than you think and a lot less time consuming than people make it out to be. One of my personal favorites its to get a couple pieces of salmon, wrap them in foil with lemon slices and a litter butter, chop up a couple heads of broccoli with slices of sweet potato and bake them all together for an hour in the oven. Its clean, simple and takes 10 minutes to prep. If you want to go to the next level cook a bunch of it to use for the next day or two.

Fat Burning Secret #10:

There is NO secret:

You just have to decide that you want to be a healthier, happier you and to get there you must eat cleaner, move more and have a positive outlook on yourself and life! Putting these into action is what will dictate the people who succeed and the ones who wont.

My mentor always use to say to me "Don't talk about it, be about it"!

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