"Add these to your arsenal" (Blog #19)

Over the past 8 years we've created a huge library of great videos for all of our No Bullers to learn from. We have over 300 videos up and they range from nutrition, different exercises, stretches, program design and more. Todays blog will show you some of our favorite exercises that must be in everyones arsenal. Please remember that every single one of you are different. You are different strengths, different levels of fitness and all have different goals. Try these with extreme caution and have fun!

In the video above Andrea is doing one of my favorite "Doubles" (two exercises paired together). Single Leg Straight Leg Dead Lifts & Jumping Split Squats....This is a brutal combo and NOT for beginners. We usually do 4 Sets 8-12 Reps Each Leg

In the video above I'm doing RFESS (rear foot elevated split squats). These are a great progression/variation to split squats. The benefits of these for single leg strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and core strength are endless. Load these up heavy and watch the magic.

In the video above JoJo & Lauren are smoking Bodyweight Chin Ups (no band). Chin ups (supinated grip) I feel are a lot safer to the shoulder girdle oppoesed to Pull Ups (pronated grip). These are a must for full body strength! If you have trouble doing these get stronger and get leaner. Pulling your body weight is hard if you're heavy, whether its fat or muscle weight is weight - Gravity loves holding heavier people tighter.

In the video above Andrea is doing Over Head Barbell Military Press. She is showing the improper (or higher risk) way of doing them with the bar going behind the neck & she is showing the proper (safer) way of pressing over head which is the bar tracking in front of your face. Barbells may be riskier for some people with shoulder issues so dumbbells may be a better option. If you're healthy go overhead with the barbell, the rewards are great.

In the video above Steph is doing Battle Ropes. This is a very safe, fun and effective finisher. At the end of your training session these are great to do in a Tabata (20 seconds On / 10 seconds Off - 8 rounds)

In the video above check out Tina hitting Hex Bar Dead Lifts. Hex bars are another safe variation of Dead Lifts alothough I love the Barbell too. Dead Lifts for overall body strength may possibly be your best option. Learn them, Crush them!

In the video above April is doing Back Squats. Another great full body exercise that needs to be done with perfect form or the risk of injury is great. No one should learn to squat with a barbell on their back. Start with your body weight and progress to a Kettle Bell for Goblet Squats and then move on to the Barbell version. Squats are another great exercise that are a must...

In the video above Andrea is doing Barbell Glute Bridging. This will fire up your hamstrings, glutes and erectors. Very safe as long as you extend the hips and not your lumbar spine. Try these with some decent weight and enjoy the next two days of soreness.

In the video above George is doing a nasty set of Tricep Press to Clap Push Ups then back to Tricep Press. Great if you're looking for hypertrophy or muscle mass. Try these at your own risk....

I hope you guys add these great exercises to your arsenal - Make sure you move well before trying to load up any movements.

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