"Goals" (Blog #20)

Looking back at my high school basbeall years, my coaches would alwas set goals for my teamates and I for the season. At the time I thought these goals were too difficult to reach and added pressure to me instead of just letting me throw hard. Today, as I look back at those goals that were set for me and the added pressure of attaining them, I realize that it was a great thing. My coaches knew that by adding goals we were heading in the right direction. Some of the goals were small and seemed silly but they all had there purpose. Our shortstops goal one season was to go error free all season! Obviously that didn't happen but he ended the year with 2 errors and he played every inning of every game.

Goal setting and training should go hand and hand. Now granted, we are not pro athletes that are on Micro, Meso and Macro cycles of training, building up to the Olympics; but goals keep us focused and give us another reason to push harder. Now these goals can be monthly and don't have to be "major". Simply mastering your body weight squat can be a goal, a body weight chin up can be a goal, 10 perfect push ups, climbing the 15 foot rope or even making it through your training session feeling amazing and not smoked can be a great goal.

The key is to set a new goal every 3-6 weeks, after you attain the goal you move on to the next one. If you didn't attain the goal, you stay with it until its mastered. Attaining these goals throughout the year will be a great confidence booster and it will give your training purpose. All goals will be different and relative to each person, I have some clients that want to PR (personal record) on their Cleans and other clients that just don't want to feel winded going up their steps everyday. Your goals are your goals, make them personal and make them fun.

Writing down your monthly goals is another great way to ensure success. Even if you put them in your "notes" on your cell phone, this will allow you to look back at all 12 goals you set for yourself that year.


January: Climb the rope

February: Lose 2% Body Fat

March: 25 Clean Push Ups

April: Run a sub 8 minute mile

May: 1 Body Weight Chin Up

June: Do a "Mud Run"

July: Ride 12+ miles on a bike in one day

August: PR your over head Barbell Press

September: Motivate a friend or family member to join your healthy lifestyle

October: Perfect all the Basic (squat, hinge, pull, push) movements

November: Run a 5K

December: Take cooking lessons (so you can cook healthy meals)

You get the hint - Make your own goals for the year and conquer them!

What are your goals?

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