"A Message to the Rookies" (Blog #22)

Everyone at some point in their life was a "rookie" when it came to weight training, running, swimming, biking, etc. We all started out knowing nothing and there was a good chance we felt lost and demoralized early on. However, things change quickly depending on the road you take. Starting out with a personal trainer or group classes can be very intimidating for anyone, especially if you've never done resistance training before. Im here to tell you that feeling nervous and scared about it is not only normal but it's a good thing.

When No Bull gets new personal training and/or new group class members the first thing we do is to make sure the person is comfortable. Beating them into the ground and making them sore for 7 days is wrong and doesn't teach that new potential client anything except to equate training and pain together. Here's where it's vital to do you homework when picking a trainer, you can quickly walk into a gym and see what the trainers & owners are all about within 10 seconds if you know what to look for.

Going to the gym is more than just the program (if there even is one) you're on, it's about the environment, the people, the attitudes, the team camaraderie, the compassion for each and every person in that gym. It goes way beyond throwing dumbbells around, it should be a family!

Whether you're a "rookie" or a trainee that has been doing it for a while and may be starting to feel stale or complacent: Learn The Basics!!! Learning the basics (or taking some steps back and relearning the basics) is vital for a lengthy successful training career. Theres no rush to get good, it should be a slow, methodical process that keeps you healthy, strong and feeling great.

The basics include: Deep Bodyweight squatting, Hip Hinging (dead lifting pattern), Push Ups, Chin Ups, Over Head Pressing. Mastering each movement with little to no load (or assistance) will ensure your technique is perfect and will allow you to get strong and lean fast. I see newbies in the gym trying to throw around too much weight, too many times with terrible form just so they sweat. This is a great idea if you want a short, injury filled lifting career! This is the fault of your trainer if your movements aren't mastered eventually and/or modified to your skill level.

Keeping your ego out of the weight room is also another positive if you can do it. When it really comes down to it, do you really care if Becky can lift more weight than you?! It shouldn't matter, that doesn't change your goal and it shouldn't change your fitness path. Egos get people hurt! Master the basics, practice these movements often, than start to add an external stimulus (add weight).

Getting with a team/trainer/family that knows what people want and need and that knows how to deliver it will only add a huge positivity boost to your life. You will be stronger, leaner, faster, more confident and you will inspire others to join you in your journey! Don't allow fear to dictate your decision to make the move...

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