"It's Charity" (Blog #24)

Every month the team and I from No Bull put together a Charity Hike for those that need donations for themselves or organizations that use the money to make huge advances in research for certain diseases. Today we gave over $600 dollars towards Alzheimer's research; Alzheimer's effects millions of people every year and it's a horrific disease that not only effects the person that has the disease, but their families are tormented by it as well.

Every month we pick a different charity to donate to and I always get emails and text messages about why and how we pick who we decide to donate to. The answer is simple, I decide or someone asks me to donate to their particular charity that is near and dear to their heart. Being in the position that I am in (owning a busy gym) allows our team to have a huge reach to so many amazing people who are caring, giving and selfless with their time! Giving back to those in need is what life is really all about! If you're in a position to give your time and/or donations to those who are less fortunate, than you need to do so. Besides the fact that you're helping out humanity in your own little way, it goes beyond that, it spreads positivity....

Unfortunately, I also get a few negative emails from a few creatures of humanity. Today I received a message asking me "Why would I pay you to run in the park?" After reading this message I was appalled and sickened by such a message. Although I cant share my entire response with you guys due to graphic nature of it I can say this; Donating money to a family or charity and giving your time to them is not PAYING, it's DONATING! And for a person to think otherwise is asinine and Im ashamed that these people that think this way are the same species as myself. My team and I selflessly GIVE back to the community because we want to leave a better world for our next generation and to make others feel good, no other reason. The dozens of plaques and certificates from all of the places we donated to prove this.

This past year we've given to:

The Wounded Warrior Fund (2 x)


A family who was down on their luck before X Mas

Crohns Disease



American Heritage / Books for Kids Foundation

Just to name a few....

I want to Thank all the amazing humans that support us when we do these Charity Hikes and let you know that our small donations (in the bigger picture) DO make a difference!

Keep trucking and let the haters keep hating while we keep helping!

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