"Spartan Race 2014 at Citizens Bank Ball Park" (Blog #25)

As I sit here in Starbucks this morning staring at my medals like a 5 year old kid on Christmas morning looking at his new bike; I realized a few things: The medals them selves mean nothing, but what they represent to everyone that does these types of races is whats important. For me personally they represent a way of living day to day. Most of you know I own a gym and my job is to motivate people to be better in all aspects of their lives. These races allow me additional motivation to throw at my team. Knowing that these races are coming creates a miraculous thing that happens to everyone who signs up for them; people start to train harder, they start to eat cleaner, they start to sleep better, they start to build confidence and they become a better human.

Now I am not saying these types of races are for everyone, although they can be. As my team and I were getting mentally and physically prepared for the race I could feel the excitement, anxiety and a little bit of fear run through my crew (and myself) which is totally normal and healthy. Right before we began I turned to them and told them to "go hard and don't stop until you hit the finish line!" Besides the fear, anxiety and excitement on the faces of my crew I also saw something amazing; I saw every set of eyes staring at me with such motivation and passion to crush whatever was to come in front of us. This is why we train so hard every week, the confidence they built from months of putting hard work in outweighed the fear and it showed while they all smiled as they crossed the finish line.

During the race I witnessed some amazing things that propelled me to write about them today. About half way through the race it started to get tough and many people started to walk, I approached a small stairwell where "Wounded Warriors," some of which had no legs, were getting off of their wheelchairs and getting down every set of steps, unassisted! These amazing humans were pushing their limits and as some people just ran past them, many of us stopped to clap and cheer them on. Witnessing that made me and everyone around me run a little harder. Appreciating the simplest things in life, like walking and being able to jog or lift weights is taken for granted. These men and women definitely showed us that there are NO limitations and it's not ok to take the little things in life for granted.

People of all shapes, sizes and physical abilities do these races and it's such a great team environment. Complete strangers helping each other over walls, patting people who are walking on the back and telling them to come on is the norm. I didn't see any negativity at all, everyone was amped up and ready to rock. I highly suggest if you do decide to do these races in the future that you do it right and train your ass off before you just jump head first into them. Proper training months prior to these races will ensure that you do well without any injuries. I did see some people who (in my eyes) looked as if they never trained a day in their life. They are the ones who were getting injured and hurt because they jumped into a high intensity atmosphere without the proper progression. Don't make that mistake!

I want to thank all of you who are a part of my circle - Without you guys No Bull wouldn't be what it is. You all motivate me as much as I motivate you - Keep up the great work!

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