"4 Myths that you're being told about your Health & Fitness" (Blog #26)

The American public has been bamboozled, tricked, lied to, hoodwinked and led on like sheep with lies when it comes to our health & fitness. Here's my list of the 4 biggest lies the public is being told: Enjoy!

#1: Eating the egg yolks is dangerous because it will give you high cholesterol.

This is outright false and the cholesterol in eggs has no effect on a healthy persons LDL/HDL or Total cholesterol levels in a negative way. The egg yolks hold all the good fat and nutrients. The only people that may have an issue eating a lot of egg yolks are obese people that are sedentary and have a history of high cholesterol int their family. * I eat 10+ eggs a day and my cholesterol is 175ish...And all the healthy people that I know that eat lots of eggs (and yolks) have similar cholesterol numbers.

#2: Lifting heavy weights will make you bulk girls, stick with the lighter weights and higher reps.

This is some more horse-shit that big businesses that sell cardio equipment are trying to sell you. Lifting the pink dumbbells will leave you weak, frail and will have you gaining body fat. Regardless of a fitness goal, everyone needs to get stronger, period! Strength allows you to do whatever it is your heart desires, and it decreases the risk of injuries...Win/Win! Lift heavy, train hard and don't be afraid to see your full potential, even though it may scare you. *There is a small percentage of females that do high volume training that may bulk, but trust me the percentages are SMALL and you're not her.

#3: Do long bouts of LSD (long slow distance) cardio will burn your fat stores.

This is preposterous on every level. Science and time has showed us that LSD cardio will leave you injured, worn-down and chubby (some cases: skinny fat). Long bouts of LSD actually decrease bone density, increase fat stores and turn Type 2 muscle fibers (your strength/power fibers) to Type 1 muscle fibers (endurance fibers). So not only will you be weak and start to break down because the joints cant handle those thousands of compression forces but you will be injured too. * For all you cardio junkies, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Lifting weights MIXED with LSD is much safer and a lot more effective. The RT (resistance training) will increase bone density, pack on lean muscle and will stabilize the joints to take on the abuse that they're about to take. And while we're on the subject: Doing your "cardio" before weight training is not the proper order. When you get to the gym lift heavy weights so you can burn off your glucose in your blood and your glycogen stores in your liver and muscles, then do you LSD to hit those stubborn fat stores.

#4: You need to switch up your routines and confuse your muscles to keep them guessing.

Again, this is absurd and doesn't even make sense when you understand how the muscles and body works. Most people don't ever master the basics before they move on and want to jump into something cool and new. Squatting, dead lifting, chin ups, push ups, military press, dumbbells rows and every other basic movement in the gym take YEARS to learn and master. We live in a world where we want everything yesterday without working for it. Put in the time (years) and truly master every human movement instead of just getting your ass kicked in the gym. Im not saying to never do different movements, I'm simply stating that if you have been training for years and you still cant do a basic squat, dead lift or chin up, you should NOT move to anything else. You need to address your weaknesses and make them your strengths.

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