"Just Maybe" (Blog #29)

During a recent conversation with a fellow starbucker (I made that word up), I was surprised to hear how tough this person was on herself when it came to her diet and lack of exercise. Now this person is 50+ pounds over weight and has an activity level lower than most turtles, from her own admission. Now, I thought about our conversation for days and it occurred to me that people who struggle with their weight and lack of motivation may be putting all their energy in the wrong places. What I mean by that is people will eat crappy foods and then all spend all their vital energy and time beating themsleves up emotionally instead of directing that energy into eating better. Or they will eat crappy foods and then go train for hours running, in the weight room or on an elipitical trying to negate the poor nutritional choices they had made earlier.

You have a certain amount of motivation and energy to use each day, some of us have more and some of us have less. Firguring out a way to use that energy in the right places is vital if you want to get to your goals. A perfect example of using energy & time innefficently is scrolling through social medias while trying to pay your bills or while you're trying to finish your school work. Distractions are everywhere and they are problimatic, especially when you combined it with a lack of motivation. Setting time aside to "play" on the internet AFTER you get your priorities finished is crucial if you want to get a lot done. These distractions play a huge roll in why people skip the gym, "don't feel like cooking, lets just order out", forget to get gas in the car, not throw the laundry in the dryer, lock the keys in your car and they are a big reason why people have low self esteem because we are too busy compairing our selves to everyone else!

The person I was talking to about her weight problem went on to tell me that she was self concious and had low self esteem. She said she'd been heavy most of her life and just lacked motivation and food was the only thing that made her feel better. That again had me thinking about her (and many Americans) issue with their weight, it made me realize that being heavy is a by product of a certain lifestyle. The reason people gain weight and get fat is because they make poor nutritional choices over years and that in turn makes them move less. If you move less and continue to eat more, you will slowly keep packing on the pounds. But this still doesn't explain WHY we make poor nutritional choices!

Is a person eating whatever they want and gaining weight because they lack self worth and feel like they need to "punish" themselves? Do people self sabotage their progress when it comes to their training and nutrition because they hate themselves deep down for something that may or may not be a valid reason? The more and more research I read the more and more questions I have about WHY people get fat, it's not really as simple as too many calories and not enough movement (although that IS part of it). But I want to delve deeper and get to the whys. Doing this will be a better way to help people and get them over their weight battle once and for all.

Self sabotage may come in many forms, it doesn't just come out through food. If you feel like you need that 4th glass of wine every night to "relax" or you need to smoke a certain something to "just get away," than you may need to evaluate the real reasons WHY you "self medicate".

So before I stop babbling, I wanted to share this with you all:

Just maybe, you deserve to be healthy!

Just maybe, you deserve to be happy!

Just maybe, you deserve to love yourself!

Just maybe, you are too hard on yourself!

Just maybe, you need to let the past go!

Just maybe, you need to stop beating yourself up over things that are minor in the bigger picture!

Just maybe, you need to put all your energy into positive things in your life!

Just maybe, you need to get a plan in motion and stick to it this time!

Just maybe, if you focus on helping yourself, and others on being happier and healthier, you will succeed in whatever you choose.

Just maybe, you deserve friends that bring you up not push you down!

Just maybe...

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