"A case of the Mondays" (Blog #30)

For as long as I can remember I've always hated Mondays, until about eight years ago. I remember always thinking how bad it was going to suck waking up "early" for school every Monday morning. Monday always seemed to be the longest day of the week and it seemed to be the day that most of us dreaded the most. Coming off of a weekend that most of us have the privilege of sleeping in a little bit and not worrying about work is what really makes Mondays a pain in the butt.

Many peoples weekend "diets" are also why we dread Mondays, we are usually a little more free with what we choose to eat on the weekends and we all know that Monday is the day that we will go back to eating kale and grilled chicken. :) The meaning of Monday changed for me after a seminar I attended about eight years ago. The speaker went into detail about how many hours we have in a week and how most people spend those hours. Thats when I realized how much time we all waste and how most people are not very efficient with the time they have.

A human life is for argument sake, roughly 70 Years long!

Thats only 25,500 Days

Thats only 3640 Weekends

Thats only 70 Birthdays

Thats not a lot of TIME!

After I came to this realization I stopped hating Mondays and I now make them my BEST day. I make sure I get a lot done on Mondays because I realize that we are all limited on the most precious commodity we all have, time...

Stop hating Mondays and make time be on your side. How do I utilize my time better you ask? Here are a few ways to help you guys be more efficient with time and get a lot more done:

Go to bed Earlier on Sunday Night: This will allow you to wake up earlier Monday morning and start your day.

Make the gym a priority on Monday: This will have multiple benefits, most of which will allow you to have that endorphin rush and increased mood early on in the week. Most people that train on Monday will train more days during the week than if they skip the gym on Monday.

Wake up everyday Positive: Even if you wake up crabby one day, tell yourself that today will be a good day and make it happen. Be the most positive person you know!

Be Thankful: It's a privilege to grow old! I hear people complain about "getting old" but they don't realize that many people don't have that PRIVILEGED! Understanding that everyday on the earth is a gift will help you appreciate your time.


Prioritize your time with Family & Friends

Appreciate the little time we have here and make the best of it

Hit the gym on Monday

Sleep a lot

Make everyone around you Better

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