"The 7 Most Commonly Screwed Up Gym Movements" (Blog #31)

Todays blog will go over 7 of the most basic exercises people perform in the gym. Unfortunately, many people performing these movements are doing them just plain wrong! These videos will be short, detailed tutorials on how to quickly clean up the movements and ensure that you have a long and strong lifting career for years to come. Whether you're an advanced lifter or a novice these videos will help you perfect your movements...

When throwing weights around in the gym it's vital that you create adaptation and force your body to get stronger, but the problem with this is that sometimes we sacrifice form for a higher weight. This can and will lead to injury and when you're injured you can't train. Sometimes taking a step back to move forward is the key to mastering the basics. Once you can Squat, Dead Lift, Push Up, DB Row, Swing, Bench Press and Over Head Press properly; you are on the road to success, injury free!

Video #1: Bench Press

Video #2: Push Ups

Video #3: Goblet Squats

Video #4: Dead Lifts

Video #5: Military Press

Video #6: Dumbbell Row

Video #7: Kettle Bell Swings

I would have thrown in a couple more exercises but 7 Vids in 7 days was my theme :)

Chin Ups and Single Leg Straight Leg Dead Lifts would have been my other two I would have added, so make sure you check out my other videos on those movements as well.

I hope you guys learn a lot from these videos and use them to your advantage!

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