"What I really want to say to clients" (Blog #34)

Being in the training game for as many years as I have been, I probably have heard every single excuse in the book that there is when it comes to why a session was missed, a food log wasn't kept or even why a client has to lift light this particular day. Now I truly try to see the best in people and I am assuming that MOST of these excuses were valid. I have babies, a business, and I'm currently finishing up my second book; So I know sometimes you just don't have the time for some things.

Anyone who trains with me knows that I try to keep a "no nonsense" atmosphere in my gym to ensure results and positivity - Hence the name of my company, No Bull Training! I see all the struggles people deal with when it comes to finding the time and effort to put into their training & nutrition. It can be hard sometimes and thats why my number one goal (after "do no harm") is to make sure clients get results, period! Everyone is a little different, so motivating everyone appropriately can be a struggle sometimes. On occasion though, there are clients that are very difficult and want to BS through the process.

As I was eating dinner a couple nights back I started laughing uncontrollably at some of the asinine (BS) excuses I've heard over the years and at the time instead of calling them out on the BS so that I could really help them, I gave them some type of politically correct answer that I now regret. I regret that decision only because if I allow anything but the facts and truth to run ramped, I won't ever be able to get to the real issues to help clients.

So If I detect BS, here's what "I REALLY WANT TO SAY TO (SOME) CLIENTS":

Client: "I don't understand why I'm gaining weight"

Me: "Maybe because you get drunk 5 nights a week and eat cheese steaks before bed"

Client: "Oh, I totally forgot I had a Dr. Appointment today, sorry I missed our session and didn't call you"

Me: "You and I both know you didn't have Dr. Appointment - You slept in and didn't have the courtesy to call me and let me know that you weren't coming"

Client: "I swear I only eat Salad and no carbs, ever"

Me: "Wow, really? Why do you weigh as much as a small truck than"

Client: "I can't push hard today, I'm feeling weak"

Me: "You can't push hard today because you ate like crap all weekend, didn't drink any water and skipped sleep to watch reruns of Survivor"

Remember, this is what I want to say to some clients that I know are lying for no other reason than to help them. Many people need that wake up call to get them doing the right things. Giving a diplomatic answer and not getting to the core of the issue will lead to failure for both parties involved - The client will fail because they didn't reach their goals, and the trainer will fail because they failed to help that client reach his or her goals.

* Listen to your Coach

* Knock off all the BS

* Keep it playful

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