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Snowed In Workouts (Blog #35)

November 26, 2014


With the winter and snow upon us, the ability to get to the gym for some can be a lot tougher.  If you guys are anything like me I need my "fix" of weight training; if I don't get it I can be one miserable bastard.  The snow tonight inspired this blog because I don't want you guys to sit around and do nothing during snow days.  Below will be a couple of workouts that you guys can choose from, depending on who you are and how advanced your training is....Enjoy!



Workout #1:  "The Couch Burner"


Spend 5 Minutes rolling around on the floor and some light stretching (worlds greatest stretch, super mans, leg swings, neck rolls, etc)  


1a.  Split Squat 10-15 Reps Each Leg (right to)

1b.  Push Ups (until form failure) 


Rest 1 Minute  --  Repeat 3 or 4 Times



2a.  Double Leg or Single Leg Glute Bridge 20 Reps Each Leg (Placing your feet on your couch and your butt on the floor, bridge up, squeeze the glute and back down) 

2b.  Jump Squat (jump High / land softly) for 20 Reps 


Rest 1 Minute  --  Repeat 3 or 4 Times 



3a.  Crawls Out (from a standing position, crawl out to a push up position and then quickly walk your way back up to a standing position / never move your feet)  15 Reps (right to)

3b.  Paper Plate Fallouts - (Kneeling down, place your hands on paper plates and slowly slide out and fall to your belly in a controlled manner)  10 reps  (If you're a rookie, just do planks)


Rest 1 Minute -- Repeat 3 or 4 Times



Also, check out ANDREA HERE demoing a Full Body Circuit with No Equipment...





Workout #2:  "The KB Killer"  (assuming you have kettle bells)


1a.  KB Swings 10-15 Reps

1b.  KB MP 10-15 Reps


Rest 1 Minute -- Repeat 3 or 4 Times



2a.  KB Rack Position Revers Alternating Lunges 20 Reps (total)

2b.  KB Row 10-15 Reps


Rest 1 Minute -- Repeat 3 or 4 Times



3a.  KB Over Head Carries (approximately 50 yards, depending where you are)

3b.  KB Goblet Squats 10-15 Reps


Rest 1 Minute -- Repeat 3 or 4 Times



Also, check out two of my favorite Kettle Bell EXERCISES here....





Bonus Videos:


Here's April demoing a workout with SLIDERS ONLY


Here's a video of me using MINI BANDS ONLY


Here's a video of me using HANDLED BANDS ONLY




I hope you guys use these workouts to your benefit and always ensure your form is impeccable....




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