"Every Diet Works! But…" (Blog #36)

Most of us have been on dozens of "diets" throughout the years. Most of them actually worked but the results never seemed to last. The reason all diets "work" is because you chose to focus on a task, in this case you made a conscious decision to lose body fat. You decided to keep a food journal, you drank more water, you decided to stop ordering out dinner, you told your friends you can't drink this month, you joined a gym and you found motivation to make these moves from something you watched, read or someone you talked to.

All diets work for some time when the motivation is high in the first couple of days, weeks or months, but most "diets" are hard work so people tend to slip up a little here and there - and before you know it, you are back to your old ways and gaining fat quickly. Most americans are on the hunt for that magic fat loss pill, that shake thats promised to make you look like Beyonce or that pink tea bag that swears to knock off 50 pounds in 4 days. These quick fixes do nothing but make you worse off in the long haul, they cause you to YoYo your weight, hormone levels and they convince you that you will always be fat so you stop trying.

It's very disheartening when you lose weight, feel great and six months later you are back to your exact same pre-diet weight and feeling worse than ever. This is why we have to call out bullshit claims and shed light on the truth. Calling out these fraudulent claims is not only important for the Fitness/Health Industry, but it's important for all of you! Everyone seems to have the secret and claims to have found the way to help you lose fat but most have nothing to tell you except what worked for THEM. These types of claims are a pseudo-science and hold no water, the new research out on what really allows you to lose fat and stay strong is more basic than you may be lead to believe.

Many of todays media stations, magazines, internet sites, trainers and nutritionists love to make outrageous claims for one reason and one reason only; to make them money!! It's almost always bull shit and is promoted so well that it persuades you into buying it and buying into it. The proof that its all bull shit is that most people who lose weight on fad diets get fat again. So starting today I want you all to be open minded and try something else - What do you have to lose? What you've been doing hasn't been working so why not try something that will.

I warn you now, I don't sell magic pills, I won't push you to buy a pink shake and I have no magic beans - but what I do have is some solid information that I've gained from studying many researches, scientists, trainers and nutritionists that are a hell of a lot smarter than me for the past decade!

Here's the list of "Must Do's" if you're looking to lose body fat AND keep it off:

#1 Keep a detailed food journal: Not on a phone but with a book and a pen - This creates awareness and will take all the guessing out of what you do and/or don't do.

#2 Get high quality Sleep: Sleep is shown over and again to increase mood, hormone levels, boosts your immune system and helps with recovery.

#3 Stop thinking carbs are the enemy: Carbs from fruit are 100% safe and healthy - Carbs from Potatoes are safe/healthy as well - Even small amounts of Processed carbs (rice, pasta, breads) are not dangerous if eaten in MODERATION. Some of the healthiest/leanest countries on the planet live off of beans and rice...Again, Im not telling you to eat 6 Cups of Pasta like they serve at the Olive Garden - But eating carbs, especially post workout is extremely beneficial. Carbohydrates are your bodies main energy source, they are your bodies main fuel.

#4 Stop going on Diets: Create a NEW way of eating and a new way you look at food. Become conscious of everything you put into your system and make good choices most of the time. All diets work, but only for a short time - Make it a lifestyle!

#5 Be Consistent: Consistency is #5 on the list here but may be the most important - Without consistency you won't get lean or stay lean, you won't succeed in your career, you won't keep a significant other around for long, you won't be able to save decent money in your bank account, you won't be able to finish anything you started, you won't be able to ingrain goods habits in yourself or your children and you won't be able to find your passion without consistency!

My recap will be short and sweet: Pick a system, a way of life, a diet, a thought process or anything you want to make work, and make it work! Telling you to eat an apple isn't what this is about, this blog is to help motivate you and show you that the answers lie within you. Stop reading everyones "opinions" and realize that they all have ulterior motives (usually money) - Eating real foods from the earth with processed foods in moderation while drinking plenty of water, sleeping deeply every night, training with weights and sprinting a couple of times a week will WORK, period!

Eating a lean meat (steak, chicken, fish) with steamed asparagus and 1 cup of rice for dinner with 16 ounces of water is healthy! Don't let anyone tell you that 1 cup of rice is why you are going to gain 400 pounds and explode....Its Bull Shit! Get on a training program, keep your food journal, don't skip days, treat food as fuel and do it with passion!

Moderation, Moderation, Moderation

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

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