"Back to Normality" (Blog #37)

If you ask people to define what "normal" is, you would get many different answers. What we all perceive as normal would be relative from person to person. When I say normal I'm talking about normal in the sense of how humans move, eat, sleep and generally live compared to how humans did all this in the past.

"Normal" in todays day and age is getting very little movement, poor sleep patterns and having a ton of stress with poor nutritional choices. We are all so busy that we neglect our basic evolutionary needs which is what allowed us to thrive on this planet the way we've been doing it for about two hundred thousand years.

The #1 problem as I see it is we all have so many choices, so many options, so much to choose from that we fail to make the smart choices and stick with them for any reasonable amount of time. A perfect example of this is when people try to lose weight; they try 15 different diets a year and wonder why nothing works. Or look at how we sleep - Studies have shown that 70% of Americans either watch TV and/or are on their cell phones before bed. Doing this actually inhibits the brains ability to function properly and overtime will cause you to have poor sleeping habits.

Being able to sit quietly with your thoughts is an extremely healthy thing to do. It allows you to organize your thoughts, simplify your life choices and decreases stress levels. With so much technology at our finger tips even in our own household it's no wonder that we are turning into sedentary, spoiled, soft, obese humans. Life's pendulum is swinging towards making life simpler but it's actually making people become weaker, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I'm as guilty as the next person in this high tech world we live in, but it's vital that we keep our roots strong. Toughness on any level keeps you alive! A few things that are shown time and time again to keep us physically fit, mentally witty and emotionally strong are pretty simple:

Eat Reals Foods - Make the decision to buy and eat foods that are not processed.

Drinking Water - The body is made up of 70% water - Staying hydrated protects you against headaches, joint pains, mood swings and over eating.

Lifting Weights/Cardiovascular Training - Weight training packs on lean body mass, increases bone density and decreases body fat levels (especially around your organs) - Cardio strengthens cardiac muscle and is proven to prolong your life, and these daily activities increase the quality of life.

Have Quiet Time - Walking in the park, reading a book, meditating, finishing a puzzle or star gazing are all great ways to relax and decrease your stress levels. We know stress is one of, if not the biggest killer of humans!

Make the Basics your priority - Your health, family, friends, a career you enjoy and being the type of human that makes the world a better place (how ever you decide to do that) are priorities, not things or stuff!

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