"Kick Ass For Life" (Blog#39)

Reality is a scary place for most people, hence why we watch TV, play on our IPhones, IPads, and will avoid the reality of our day to day life. I guess I should clarify that everyones reality is relative and perceived differently person to person. Obviously, being a trainer I talk to people on a daily basis who don't know or who don't want to realize how bad their current health situation is. I totally understand that hearing something like how fat or how weak you are and how this can have huge negative effects on your life can be a scary conversation, but it's a life saving one!

Stepping back and seeing your current situation is important in creating the appropriate changes. With the new year coming upon us, many people have the goal of finally getting "healthy". Unfortunately, this may be met with disappointment and failure just like the 8 previous resolutions. The reason people fail at getting fit and healthy and STAYING fit and healthy is because they don't stick with their plan.

If your goal is to gain size and mass, than you should start lifting heavy weights and continue to do so for the rest of your life! If you want to lose 50 pounds, start eating what a person of your goal weight eats and do that forever! If you want to be able to master body weight movements, start practicing them on a daily basis - Work on your push ups and pull ups until you get them down...You get the point!

Don't get fit for a month, for the new year, for your ex, for your cat, get fit so you can have the confidence to be the person that you really are! When you're eating pretty clean, and training properly, you feel amazing - Life becomes easier and more fun. You learn to deal with life's hardships in a more productive and efficient way. Training goes way beyond physical, it's mentally enlightening and it will make those around you fall in line.

It's not weird to walk around with your gallon of water

It's not odd to go to the supplement store

It's totally normal to grope fruit at the supermarket

It's ok to go to the gym instead of out to eat

Calluses are a product of your progress, wear them with pride

Rope burn on your ankle is a badge of honor

Getting up before the sun rises to train should be the norm, not the exception

Kick ass for Life!

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