"Do You Even Bro" (Blog #44)

Over the past year I've noticed a trend of silly lines and sayings that I guess are meant to make fun of or maybe encourage others, depending how you look at it. You will usually see these lines in a caption under a gym selfie or under a pic of a healthy meal. The worst of all of these lines is "Do You Even"! It's used to imply that you don't lift or eat clean — but this is an insult whether the people saying it know it or not. Posting a gym selfie and captioning it "Do You Even" doesn't make you better and the person who doesn't work out any worse off than you. In-fact, it makes you look like a pretentious, self centered weak minded human.

We all have struggles, some people struggle to walk into a gym, some people struggle to eat right, some people struggle with motivating themselves; but I can promise you that your filtered pic of your thigh muscle with the insulting caption "Do You Even Lift Bro" will NOT motivate anyone to be better. That way of thinking is mindless and its hurtful to those that are trying to better themselves.

We all started out as rookies at some point in everything we do or have done in our lives. To belittle and poke fun at people who aren't "on your level" is cruel and is in bad taste. Why not be kind and encourage someone who's struggling in a positive way?! Why not post something that you've struggled with, worked hard to fix, and then show how you overcame your battle with it. That would be positive and you wont make yourself look like a moron.

I get the same gut turning feeling when I watch a football game. When I see a guy make a sack on the quarterback and he jumps around like he just won the Super Bowl. He did his job, he didn't cure cancer - This type of reaction shows me poor character and no couth. Working hard to attain your goals and posting progress is amazing, but to try and put others down in the process only makes you look bad. Imagine if we all reached out and helped others with positivity and put them on a path to success with their goals without the low blows...

If you have a genetic, physical, mental, social, or psychological advantage over someone, use it to your advantage to encourage others to be better, don't put them down! Being kind is FREE and it goes further than you think!!

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