"Are you the Alligator" (Blog #45)

My days outside of No Bull Training are usually spent with my kiddies, at StarBucks doing paper work or watching Animal Planet. Yes, I am a nerd and I love Animal and Space shows; but they have taught me a lot. What they really do is allow me to look at things in a different way. The most recent show I watched was all about Alligators and how after they kill a meal and eat it, they are at their most vulnerable from being attacked and eaten themselves. After seeing this, something in my head clicked and I realized that unfortunately, this is how many Americans currently live now. So many people are just skimming by and are content with where they're at in life and have lost (or never had) that killer instinct to do well in life.

Now obviously, being content may not be a bad thing. However, if you don't like your job or you aren't happy with your financial status, or you are in an unhappy relationship, or if you are unhappy with your overall health, there is no reason to sit back and be ok with it. Is it the fear of change, is it the fear of the unknown that has you sitting back and accepting a bad position? Do you lack the confidence to go out and make moves? All these reasons are valid but they are not good enough reasons to sit sedentary and watch what could have been pass you by.

Today, I want you all to forget all the negativity that we all face on a daily basis and focus on what really makes you happy. Focus on what you really want! Stop living like a sluggish, content alligator and go find that spark you need to dominate. We all need goals, we all have passions, the trick is finding what makes us motivated. I know for me personally, I wake up focused everyday to make things happen - Its not easy but I refuse to sit back and just allow others to dictate how Im going to live when I am fully capable of making moves on my own.

Life is funny is the sense that the more you do, the more you can and will do - and the less you do, the less you can and will do.

Spread the Positivity!!!

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