"Summer Goals" (Blog #46)

Its time to start upping your intensity, your pace, your aggression, your sleep, your fuel intake and your training! Summer will be here before we know it, so I want you guys to start setting goals and writing them down. Here's a list of a few ideas to help get you started:

* Run a Sub 8 Minute Mile

* Drop 3% Body fat

* Hike at least 1 X A Week

* Hit a PR (Personal Record) with a gym lift (SAFELY)

* Do something weekly that helps another person (without them knowing it)

* Watch LESS TV/Comp/Ipad/Iphone/Etc

* Read More (1 book a month)

* Perfect the Turkish Get Up

* Sprint! Barefoot in an open grass field if possible

* Cook More often - Stop eating out so much - Watch how much money you save $

* Play More (if you have kids or not)

What are some of your goals? Write them down and let us help you attain them!

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