"Preventative Maintenance" (Blog #50)

Preventative Maintenance is putting oil in your car (so your engine stays lubricated and doesn't seize up and blow). Preventative Maintenance is putting money away in your savings account for future security. Preventative Maintenance is checking your gutters before a big rain storm to avoid flooding. Preventative Maintenance is getting your children vaccinated before they get Polio....

We live in a world where we address problems after they become problematic. Imagine if with a little preventative maintenance, we could stop any future issues that may arise. Think about this scenario for a minute, imagine if you know you have a speech to give in thirty days and you don't prepare for it. You don't practice speaking in front of people, you don't think about what you're going to talk about, you don't jot down some notes, you don't even prepare the outfit that you're going to wear. Guess what happens when that thirty day mark hits and you get up in front of all those people? Yep, you bomb and get booed off stage.

Now most of us live this way on a daily basis, we know that if we eat fast food every week that there is going to be a heavy price to pay in the future; (gain fat, spend money, risk heart disease, diabetes, etc). With the internet and TV, we all know the benefits of daily exercise (hiking, weight training, biking, walking, etc), yet 50% of Americans get little to no daily activity besides watching the dumb box. The same goes for the credit card debt that many people are in, we know that by spending excessively and buying crap we don't need that we will end up hurting our future plans (house, car, loans, etc).

Going back to the basics or the K.I.S.S principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) is almost always the right thing to do. Most complex problems have simple solutions! Things as simple as getting your blood work done every year will save your life, you will PREVENT anything from getting out of hand if they detect something early on. Simply eating pretty well all year round will fight off that unwanted body fat build up and will prevent a slew of diseases that being fat causes. How about prioritizing your daily physical fitness, making sure you train or exercise everyday increases your quality of life and your longevity. Preventing bad situations isn't always possible of course, Im not that naive to think that, but by looking ahead and doing some preventative maintenance work, you can really fend off many issues before they become problematic.

Preventative Maintenance: K.I.S.S

Weight training works

Eating Real foods works (stop eating like a 5 year old)

Walking/Running works

Getting Blood Work every year works

Eating Fish Oil Pills work (prevents heart disease)

Saving money instead of spending it on crap works

Reading works (healthier minds read, a lot)

Drinking Water works

Decreasing stress levels works (all of the above will help with stress)

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