"Yes, I Can" (Blog #51)


Since the beginning of time, man has had self doubt and hesitation with decisions. A hundred thousand years ago we may have hesitated when trying to hunt certain large animals because we didn't want to die in the process of trying to eat. We may have been unsure about what cave was a good place to sleep because of which direction the wind was blowing. Some of our fellow family or tribe members would have tried to talk us into different decisions or tried to convince us that we were wrong with certain things. But, in the end, the alpha male (patriarch) or alpha female (matriarch) would have made the final decision and stuck with it.

It's always been taught to us that we are either born leaders or born followers, with little room in between. I do agree with this to some point, but that doesn't mean a quiet, timid person can't take charge of his or her life decisions and command his/her world. Every which way we turn we are infested with negativity; it comes from all directions and can hit you in different ways. Most forms come from family or friends that warn you why all of your decisions may be a bad idea, or from a friend who hates the idea that you want to go back to school, or your sibling who thinks it's a dumb idea that you want to eat better, etc.

The best thing you can do to combat this negativity is to say three words: "Yes, I Can"....

And don't just say it, say it and mean it! Have the confidence in your decisions to stick with them and stand up for them. Make sure you see them through and instead of barking back at the haters, just quietly do what you set out to do. Show them that your idea was a good idea and move on to your next great goal. So the next time someone (who you probably didn't ask anyway) tells you that your goals or decision is silly, make sure you know that they don't matter when it comes to YOUR goals. SImply remind yourself that you CAN and WILL succeed — stop with all the self doubt and just commit to whatever it is you want.

On your very next decision or goal that you plan on, I want you all to be so motivated and have such laser focus, that you shock the people around you. I want you all to do whatever it is you choose to do with such passion that you inspire others, have such drive that everyone around you cant help but become better...

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