"Must Do's for the Spring/Summer" (Blog #52)

Spring time represents nicer weather, more disciplined dieting, less clothing and another reason to train harder. My year, depending on the month fluxuates when it comes to my methods of training. In the Winter, I spend my days lifting "heavy", bilateral movements; my weekly program will consist of Dead Lifts, Bench Press and Barbell Rows and not much else. As the Sping approaches, I find myself still doing Deads, Bench, Rows, but I add more conditioning work like Sled Pushes and Hill Sprints.

As the Summer starts, I make sure my program has more unilateral exercises and some extra "core" work involved. That usually consists of more Lunges, Chin Ups, Bicep Curls, Cable Rows, Jump Roping, Plank Variations, etc. The change up is great because it allows your body to have different stimulus, which is great to avoid those dreaded platueas which come at you, not only physically, but mentally.

The Spring and Summer also give us Philadelphians another reason to be outdoors more often. Hiking, Biking, Jogging, Hill Sprints, or my personal favorite, bring your Kettle Bell to the Park Days...Being outside really changes the game when it comes to your mental and physical state. Being outside (away from TV's, Phones, Computers and IPads) is a mood booster. If ever you feel "blah", go take a 30 Minute walk in the park and I promise you that you will feel better again.

Utilize these amazing months to really up your training and add to your resistence training program that you are already on. Here are a couple of "Must Do's" this Spring/Summer:

Must Do's:

Ride your Bike atleast 2 x a week (buy a bike if you dont own one)

Hike in the park or woods at least 2 x a week

Go outside with your kids and play WITH them (everyday)

Buy a Kettle Bell and take it to a hill at a local high school or park and do Swing and Sprints

(If you dont train with me and want to learn how to Swing, check out this link Below)

Go Camping and leave your electronic devices at home / Also, cook your meals while camping and make sure they're healthy. (your mind needs rest just like your body)

Keep training your "Heavy/Basic/Bilateral Movements but add in more circuit based training to create more of a caloric expenditure (Battle Ropes, Rope Climbs, Jump Rope, Box Jumps, Med Balls Throws/Slams, etc)

Drink More Water (1/2 your bodyweight in ounces per day) Thats hard to do in the Winter

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