"Oversimplification" (Blog #59)

Todays blog will be short, easy to understand and definitely oversimplified! People are just confused these days with what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it, so I'm going to break it down for everyone who is looking to lose body fat. Now notice, I didn't say "lose weight", I said lose body fat, which is the main goal for most of us. Anyone can starve themselves, lose water weight and then the second they eat, they will blow back up.

Here are some simple numbers, so try and follow me: There are 3,500 calories in 1 pound of fat (roughly). If you can cut out 500 calories from your diet per day (7 days x -500 = -3,500), in one week you will have lost 1 pound of fat. Simple right!?

Now how about this: If you exercise, hike, do cardio, lift weights, etc everyday and burn 250 calories and also eat 250 less calories, you will have still lost 1 pound of fat per week, while enjoying a little more food/fuel.

The combo of moving more and eating a little less may be the easiest for most of us. Cutting out 250 calories a day can be very simple if you really pay attention to the details of what you're putting into your mouth.

Now even better than burning calories DURING your workout, is the EPOC effect (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) - which simply means that after you do cellular damage (like lifting heavy weights), your body has to repair, recover and rebuild new stronger muscles (and pack on bone density). This is where you can definitely increase your metabolism and burn a lot more calories for up to 24-48 hours after your training session has ended, assuming you do everything right (fuel, sleep, proper intensity, etc).

So imagine now if you have to lose 50 pounds - There are 52 weeks in a year - Move a little more everyday (burn 250 calories) and eat a little less (cut 250 calories), this will result in a caloric expenditure of 3,500 calories a week and you will lose that 50 pounds in 1 year.....

Yes, this is over simplified!! But at its base, this is how to lose fat.....

Lift Heavy

Eat A little Less

Move a Little More

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