"Are you Half-Assin It" (Blog #60)

Eons ago when I played baseball, it was mandatory that we hustled to get onto the field to get to our position, off the field to get back into the dug out, and even hustled if we needed to use the bathroom. Jogging AKA "Hustling" was ingrained inside of us at a very young age, and if you got caught walking on the field there was hell to pay. That hell usually involved "up downs" as we called them, (burpees) until we were close to vomiting. And not only did the culprit have to do them, but the entire team suffered as well - After all, baseball is a TEAM sport.

Every single one of my coaches were strict and had tremendous attention to detail. This attention to detail drizzled down to all the players, which created a well oiled team, in-turn, we usually ended up winning championships. Even during practices if you didn't make a serious diving attempt at a foul ball or god for bid, you didn't run out a ground ball, we were reprimanded; "You're gonna play like you practice, and practice like you play," is what one of my favorite coaches would always scream at us.

"Half-assin" anything you do is a great way to get very little accomplished. Whether you're washing your car, prepping a meal or even tying your shoes, it's important that you take pride in whatever task you are doing, and do it well. That attention to detail is what makes the difference in you losing that extra 12 pounds this year, making that extra $10,000 dollars and it makes the difference in how you see yourself. Accomplishing even the most minuscule task is a confidence builder - If you say you're going to do something, do it!

When you hit the gym, hit it hard and so consistently that it becomes who you are, not something you do. Do it with meaning and purpose and ingrain it into your DNA - Make daily, healthy lifestyle choices such a common occurrence that it becomes second nature to you to get up and go train, go eat a proper meal and/or get to bed early because that's who you are.

Stop half-assin your training, stop half-assin your fuel choices, stop half-assin your sleep, stop half-assin the way you make moves in life. Be calculated and aggressive!

Start Today - The new and improved you is 1 positive choice away....

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