"Why we switch up the Reps" (Blog #61)

* Avoid Plateaus

* Decrease the risk of Injury

* Avoid Boredom

* Create Adaptation

* Results

The title of this blog should be "Why we switch up the Reps, Sets, Rest Periods, Exercise order, Exercise Selection, etc" - but that's a long title, so I kept it short and sweet. Most gym goers find a comfort zone and stick with it for weeks, months, even years...This is a recipe for absolutely nothing, nothing will change, nothing will get better, the only thing that may happen is that you'll get over use injuries from never changing things up, or get bored and quit!

Getting on a program is important if you're looking to really change your body. But staying on a program forever is a bad idea, every 6-8 weeks you should be switching up some things and changing your program to ensure progressive results and no injuries.

"Routine is synonymous with Rut" - We are comfortable in our daily routines and we fear change but change is vital for success. I see it all the time at No Bull, some clients who do only Group Classes are afraid to lift heavier weights every week. They get comfortable and stay with what they know, but this leads to plateaus. On the flip side I see clients that only do Personal Training and never push their metabolic system like you get via our classes. Neither is better, just different!

Switching things up is great but only when you are staying in the parameters of a solid program and using the basics. Using variations of the basics like one week Kettle Bell Goblet Squatting in the 15-20 rep range and than the next week squatting with a barbell in the 6 to 8 rep range is great - But they are both still Squatting. These small variables will keep your body guessing and allow for positive changes...

Things to start changing up:

Your Reps: For a couple of weeks live in the 12+ rep world - After that try living in the world of 5-8 Reps and then, dare I say heavy Singles?!

Your Rest Periods: Some days don't allow much recovery, use a 30 second rest and move. Other weeks, use heavier weights with a 3 minute rest period to ensure you are fully recovered to lift heavy again.

Your Sets: Some weeks 2-3 Sets will be plenty if the intensity is high - Other weeks get higher volume in and work in 5-8 Sets.

Your Exercises: Again, create small changes to the basics - One week Hex Bar Dead Lift followed by a couple weeks of Barbell DeadLifts - And even do things you don't normally do, if you NEVER do Chin Ups, guess what needs to be next in your program? Chin Ups

Days Off: Although rare, some people over train and don't allow their bodies enough time to recover. Take days off - Maybe more than you'd like, but this will increase the bodies time to heal itself. The norm is that you're probably not pushing yourself enough...

Switch things up - Get Results - Avoid Injuries

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