"4 Cool Ways to Switch up the Basics" (Blog #63)

When you've been lifting for years like many of my readers have been, it's easy to get stuck into the same routines. Todays blog is going to show you how to keep lifting while using the basics, but with a slight twist that will make training more fun and more effective for anyone who is looking for a little bit of flavor.

The first type of set is a "Super Set": A super set is basically a "Push / Pull" - So if you do a set of Bicep Curls, you will then follow that up with a set of Tricep Presses. Or if you do a Leg Extension, you will follow that up with a Leg Curl. (Agonist / Antagonist)

Here is Andrea demoing a Lower Body Super Set (Hip / Knee Dominant):

Here is Ashley demoing an Upper Body Super Set (Vertical Push / Pull):

The next type of set that is very effective is called a "Compound Set" - A compound set is any two exercises in a row that hit the same muscle group. A good example would be, Push Ups to Flys.

Here I am demoing an Upper Body Compound Set (Bench Press to Push Ups)

Here is Gina demoing an Upper Body Compound Set (TRX Rows to Seated Cable Rows)

The next set that is great to switch up your routine is called a "Pre-Exhaust Set": A pre-exhaust set is a single joint exercise to a multi joint exercise, same muscle group. Similar to the compound set, but here you are purposley "pre-exhausting" the smaller helper muscles before you perform the heavy hitter. A good example is a Lateral Raise to a Military Press.

Here is Alen (yes the guy from TV) demoing an Upper Body Pre-Exhaust Set (Bicep Curls to Pull Ups) A single Joint Bicep Curl to a Multi-Joint Pull Up.

Here is Adam demoing a brutal Pre-Exhaust Set (Skull Crushers to Bench Press)

Lastly, is the "Complex Set" - A complex set is a Strength Exercise follwed immediatley by a Power Exercise. These can be higher risk and should be used only with your more advanced clients/athletes. The key in all of these sets above is to perform these exercises back to back with a very short break in between the two exercises.

Here I am dying (I mean demoing) an Upper Body Complex Set - (Dumbbell Bench Press to Plyo Push Ups) Strength to Power *

Here is Fanya demoing a Lower Body Pre-Exhaust Set - Kettle Bell Loaded Split Squats to Box Jumps...

I hope these videos help you guys change up your training a little bit and keep you on the path to success....

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