"10 Reasons why Getting Stronger (not losing weight) should be your Priority" (Blog #64)

Everyone has goals, goals are a great motivator to keep training with a purpose and to reach for a finish line. Over the years I've realized one important factor in ALL of my clients that got great results, they all worried about getting Stronger first and foremost! After some persuading, I manage to explain importance of forgetting about the scale, body fat analyzers and tape measurers, and to just focus on strengthening their bodies. The quicker someone can see through all else and focus on lifting weights with perfect form and start to move heavier weight every week/month, the quicker great things happen.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons to get Stronger....

Reason #1 to get Stronger: Resistance Training increases Bone Density! Avoiding osteoporosis is important as we age. Wouldn't it be nice to take a little spill and just bounce up like nothing happened instead of breaking a bone!?

Reason #2 to get Stronger: Weight training increases lean body mass (muscle) on your frame that increases the quality of your life, makes you more self sufficient and makes you more astetically pleasing to look at.

Reason #3 to get Stronger: Lifting weights decreases the amount of body fat that you will carry around. We all want less body fat :)

Reason #4 to get Stronger: Getting stronger increases the muscles of the heart, which may help prevent a future heart attack.

Reason #5 to get Stronger: Being stronger increase your hormones, like Testosterone and Growth Hormone which leads to a better sex life.

Reason #6 to get Stronger: Strong people (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally) are more attractive to potential mates.

Reason #7 to get Stronger: Becoming stronger instantly gives you more confidence!

Reason #8 to get Stronger: Getting stronger decreases the risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure (just to name a few killers).

Reason #9 to get Stronger: Becoming stronger allows you more freedom and access to the World around you: Being frail, weak, obese or just really de-conditioned stops you from things like: Long Hikes, Kayaking, Biking, Playing pick up basketball with the boys, Having a catch with your kiddies, Walking into a gym for fear of rejection, etc. Becoming stronger and fitter changes all that.

Reason #10 to get Stronger: Becoming stronger means that you are really focused on your weights, reps, sets, rest periods, etc. This will carry over to your everyday life and make you better, and more efficient at everything else that you do (work, relationship, saving money, etc).

Get stronger and everything else will fall in place...

The scale matters, your body fat matters, the tape measurer matters, but none of them supersede you getting your body Stronger...Your body is the most advanced piece of machinery ever known on planet earth, treat it well!

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