"10 Things to do with your Avocados" (Blog #65)

I fell in love with avocados about 5 years ago and I've been hooked ever since. Avocados are rich in fat and the health benefits are endless; they are shown to lower cholesterol, promote eye health, control blood sugar levels and have many anti-aging beneifts due to their high amount of anti-oxidants. And most importantly, they taste amazing! Add Avocados to your diet today and enjoy the benefits....

10 Things to do with your Avocados:

#1: Grill them! Yep, you heard me grill them and enjoy them with a husky Steak

#2: Slice one up and add it to your favorite Salad

#3: Use it on Toast in the morning with your Coffee

#4: Make a delicious Avocado Milk Shake (Milk, Sugar, Crushed Ice)

#5: Make Guacomole (and chips)

#6: Order EXTRA at Chipotle and smother your Bowl with it

#7: Melt one on your scrammbled eggs (my personal favorite)

#8: Use it instead of Mayo on your Burger or Sandwhiches

#9: Make Avocado popcicles (great Summer snack)

#10: Add some to your favorite Ice Cream (trust me, it's amazing)

What do you guys do with your Avocados?

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