"3 People you Must stay away from" (Blog #68)

Last week I over heard (I was eavesdropping) a man and woman arguing at a book store. They were obviously very angry towards each other and were in the middle of a break up. A couple minutes in as I sat back and enjoyed my popcorn, he said something that really stuck with me; he said "Watch out for people who don't clap for you when you win". He went on to explain to his girl friend (at this point, hie Ex-girlfriend) that he was sick of her "hating" and her constant negativity.

That conversation I was listening in on had me thinking for the past week about how even people closest to you can be detrimental to your advancement in life. The same people that are in your circle could potentially be the same ones praying that you fail. This is what sparked my latest blog tonight. There are three people that you must avoid when heading toward a better you, or to avoid all together...

The 3 People to Avoid:

#1: Is the "Negative Nancy"

Negative Nancy is that person in you life that no matter what's going on, they will find the worst in the situation. They're the same person that will hit the lottery and complain that they had to pay taxes on their winnings. Nancy can chronically bring you and your positivity down slowly. Your best chance for success is to tell Nancy to take a hike, and do it immediately!

#2: Is the "Im here when I need something Friend"

A real friend is someone that you can call at 4 am and ask them a favor and they won't even ask any questions, they'll just show up. The fake friends are nothing but work and cause more headaches instead of good memories. These people have faulty intentions with you and your time, they want to be around you when you can help them and once the favor is completed, they suddenly disappear. The quicker you can fill your circle with quality friends and not quantity, the better off you'll be.

#3: Is the "Shit talking Friend"

We all have one of these friends in our crew. But just remember that if these people are always quick to talk bad on all of your other friends, imagine what they say behind your back when you're not around. And I'm not talking about a little innocent gossip, I'm talking about the non-stop, unrelenting "shit talking" on anyone and everyone. Kicking this human to the curb will only make you and your circle better.

Life has enough speed bumps without having to deal with people that don't want to see you succeed. Stand up for yourself and explain to these people why they don't deserve the right to be a part of your life. It will be refreshing, enlightening and you will be better for it. Start becoming aware of who you surround yourself with.

"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future"

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