"The way to really get better" (Blog #69)

A mental battle rages through most peoples heads on a daily basis when it comes to their health and fitness. "I have to make it to the gym today," "I have to eat clean today," "Ah, I'll go tomorrow". The problem is that we are surrounded by things in the world that are too comforting and they are slowly making us soft and weak (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc); so when it's time to "put that work in we are tricked into thinking it's hell.

With gym memberships and fitness DVD sales at all time highs, why is our country getting fatter, weaker and dumber? It's a complicated answer but I'll share a few of the main reasons why this is happening: The reason for the rapid growth in childhood and adulthood obesity is because the modern day world that we live in is designed for us to move very little. The foods that are at our disposal are just simply junk, they are cheaper, made to taste good and they are promoted very well. These two factors have created a growing population of unhealthy humans.

So how do we fix this? We have to toughen up, stop going through the motions and actually put the hard work in when it comes to cooking healthier meals and training/moving. Moving a couple hours a week is just not enough if you are in need of serious changes. There are 168 hours in a week, if you only train 2 of those hours and are sedentary the rest of the time, you will have a huge imbalance. Gym memberships are a great start, but memberships to gyms that allow you to have a trainer work much better. Obviously, I'm bias to this because I own a gym and train people, but this is what works. Eighty percent of people with generic gym memberships don't use them!

Humans these days are so busy that the last thing most of us want to do is think of a workout. We all need to be pushed, that's where a good trainer comes into play. So after you get into a routine of hitting the gym 3-4 days a week now you have to put the work in, don't just go to check in and say you have a trainer. Actually challenging yourself and putting the work in day in and day out id how to really get better. Outside of the gym you need to add in a Biking day, a hiking day, a jogging day, a swimming day or whatever will keep you off of the couch.

Talking to a number of fellow trainers that I look up to, we discuss our percentages of people that trust us, accept our programs and really make them work; the numbers thankfully are very high. Our success rates really makes us see that what we are doing really works, the few that "get away" are the ones that didn't give the system time to work. Here's how one of those client / trainer conversations usually go, without the sugarcoating:

"So you've been a Member for 5 months, you skip sessions weekly, you refuse to keep a detailed food journal, you "feel funny" going for a walk around your neighborhood," you show up late to most sessions, you don't join us on any of our Charity Hikes, you don't eat breakfast and your attitude SUCKS! When you do train, you do the bare minimum and the lack of passion that you have is draining...Blank Stare...Your negativity is felt by all and ruins the amazing vibe at our gym"

Sometimes letting this kind of person go is exactly what is needed, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I've fired many clients in my time. They just aren't ready and there is nothing that you can do about it. It's no different than when an alcoholic needs to stop drinking, theres nothing you can do until THEY are ready to commit and make the proper changes...

The real Key is POSITIVITY: We all need to stay around positive people, they will motivate you and keep us accountable. We also need to be challenged daily - Challenge yourself, allow others to challenge you - If there is no need to adapt or change, nothing will be forced to adapt or change. Just think of Inertia: "is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion including changes to its speed and direction or the state of rest. It is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant velocity".

Simply put, if you're sedentary your body will want to stay sedentary (exactly why it's so hard to get started) - If you move a lot, your body wants to keep moving a lot. So GET MOVING and hangout with positive people!


Stop Faking it

Train Harder

Stay Positive

Be Consistent

Eat Breakfast

Avoid eating Shit Foods

Move Everyday

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