"Find your Groove" (Blog #72)

Earlier today I was talking to a friend that was having trouble finding motivation to train and eat better. We sat and talked for about fifteen minutes and he explained to me that he goes to the gym hard for about two weeks and then quickly falls off and cant seem to find the motivation again. I explained to him that we all struggle with diet, training, a routine and motivation when it comes to being healthy, but you just have to buckle down and find your groove.

Playing baseball (a pitcher) most of my years on this earth, my coaches use to tell me to "find your groove Saf" while I was pitching. In those three words they were telling me to relax, go back to basics and throw strikes. Even off the field they use to tell us to find our grooves; what they meant was for us to train, eat right, make baseball a priority, make sleeping a priority, and to make sure that our Habits were good for us and the team.

Our daily habits dictate our outcome in the end. If your habit is to go to the gym 3-4 days a week, than you will be strong. If your habit is to get a good night sleep and skip drinking all night, chances are that you'll be an early riser and be more efficient with your time. FInding your daily groove/habit is vital for your success when it comes to finances, health, family and pretty much everything else in your life.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day, how we spend those hours will directly reflect our habits. If you have poor daily habits, no routine and lack discipline, chances are there will be negative outcomes. But the same can be said for the opposite, if you have a groove that you're in daily, and you have a routine that you follow and you stick to, you will have positive outcomes. There are no short cuts, just good habits and a groove that you need to be in!

Find Your Groove

Avoid Negativity

Focus on short term Goals

Be Consistent

Surround yourself with like-minded people

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