"Challenges" (Blog #75)

We all need motivation when it comes to life. We need reasons to do things more than just because we have to. Humans look for more meaning than "just because" when it comes to pretty much everything we do. I learned at a young age that challenging yourself physically and mentally creates positive outcomes when it comes to your self esteem and confidence. Things that are hard and scary usually seem to work the best.

These challenges below are just some things that I do (and will do) to keep my mind and body sharp. You can make your own challenges or use mine, these challenges are strictly to challenge YOU, no one else. These are not a competition, they are things to do to increase your brain power, physical ability and mental fortitude.

Even something as mundane as not having your nightly snack can be a huge confidence booster. This is my way of helping people who struggle with control over their minds and bodies, and to help them gain the power that lies inside of them to take control...

Challenge #1: Do a 20 Mile Bike Ride (If you don't have a Bike, go get one) Even if you ride really fast, you will be on that bike a while. Bike riding is a great way to clear your mind and just be free.

Challenge #2: "3 Apples A Day" / Yep, pick a day that you're not training and simply eat 3 Apples and as much water as you want. NOTHING ELSE!! Have 1 Apple in the AM, 1 at Lunch and 1 Apple at Dinner. Just do it for a day to show yourself that you can!

Challenge #3: Hike 10 Miles / Why 10? Because it's doable, but tough! And walking 10 miles will challenge you in many different ways. Doing long hikes of 10+ Miles really allows you to spend a lot of time in your own mind and to figure a lot of things out; and even better, this time allows you to ask yourself lots of questions.

Challenge #4: Go buy a Book and read it within 30 days. Most people just don't read anymore and it's sad.

Challenge #5: Talk to (and more importantly LISTEN) to people who are older than you. Every chance I get I talk to people much older than me and it's scary how much info they hold and are willing to share. Most older people are lonely and would love the opportunity to talk to you, any chance you get, stop and talk to them.

Challenge #6: Do 1 nice thing for someone that you don't know everyday for a week. Whether you pay for someones coffee behind you in the drive thru, or you pick up a police officers diner tab, do something nice and don't tell anyone!!!

Challenger #7: Go "Internet Free" for an entire day. This will be a huge challenge for most of us. Other than Work related stuff, see if you can honestly go 24 hours with nothing electronic. No Ipad, IPhone, Internet, Computer, Tv, Etc / This is where that book you buy will get read...

Feel free to try my challenges, or make up your own. I'd love to hear your challenges, so please share them with us...I know these may seem silly, but they are a great way to take control of your daily decisions and completing these will show you that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Try them and find out...

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