"Food VS Fuel" (Blog #76)

Most people these days eat with their head and not for their bodies. It's an easy mistake to make considering the world we live in. Foods soul purpose it to keep us alive and healthy, but with food being such a big business, companies have stepped in and are selling us all types of processed chemicals. Instead of eating to get stronger and be healthier, the foods we're eating are making us weaker and sicker.

The fuel we put in our bodies will directly effect our daily lives. If you eat a bunch of fried, doughy foods, you will feel like absolute crap. If you don't eat all day, chances are you will go home that night and eat like an elephant. The body needs a constant supply of nutrients, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The body needs balance...

Most of us mindlessly eat and don't ever even think about what happens to the food we just ate and/or what those foods do to us physically, mentally, hormonally and emotionally. The foods we eat can dictate our moods, our energy levels and our overall health. Of course there is nothing wrong with indulging sometimes, but your everyday fuel consumption should consist of whole foods that have little to no processing.

The major problem that occurs when adults (and especially kids) get used to eating processed junk foods is that things like fruits, vegetables and REAL foods lose their value and taste to us. It's just like driving a brand new 2015 Mercedes Benz for a month and then going back to your 1999 Toyota Camry. These junk foods are filled with artificial flavors and processed chemicals that trick our brains into craving just them. There was nothing wrong with the Toyota in the first place.

Lets take a quick journey through the life of a food we eat:

Lets take a Bagel / Within 30 minutes that bagel starts breaking down and the body starts to make it into Glucose (sugar) / When your blood sugar goes up the pancreas is told to release Insulin to combat the rise in blood sugar and that same insulin allows the glucose entry into your cells so that they can use the glucose for energy / Depending on how much you eat, after the body has enough sugar in the blood, your body is a great saver / Your body stores extra glucose in the Muscles and Liver as Glycogen (stored glucose) / This ensures that you have energy for the next day or so / Unfortunately, many of us eat too much and after the body has enough glycogen stores, your fat cells start to take the overload / Your fat cells will fill, swell, then they will actually multiply to store as much fat as they can / Once your fat cells do this, even after you lose weight you still have these extra fat cells...

Adjusting your body (and more importantly your mind) to appreciate and enjoy the simple foods that are on earth for us to thrive is the key. Going back to basics always works - Ensure that you get a balance of whole foods and plenty of water, and keep the cheat meals to a minimum will create success. You will feel great and look great!!

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