"Reset Button" (Blog #81)

Growing up as an 80's kid was a time when video game consoles were the new greatest thing. I spent hundreds of hours sitting on the floor at my friends houses playing all types of games for years. Looking back maybe that's why I was a chubby kid most of my childhood. Ironically though, we played outside just as much if not more; we would play basketball, street hockey, football and baseball all hours of the day and night.

When someone gets in a routine it shows a lot of discipline and dedication. But if that routine never changes, people usually wind up getting bored, quitting or getting hurt from overuse. That's why it's vital to always switch things up once in a while. I tell my clients all the time that it's ok to take a day off here and there and if you have the urge to go have some pizza, go have some pizza.

This will actually work as an advantage for you in the long run. It's like hitting the "Reset Button" on you Nintendo/Body/Mind. Sometimes you have to get a fresh start and a new look at what you're doing. Even something as simple as Dumbbell Rowing a 40 lb. DB instead of your normal 30 lb'er. This will be a slight change for your mind and body, and it's something like this that your body/mind likes and needs.

Small, minuscule changes will keep you fresh, goal oriented and ready to keep trucking to your next accomplishment. If you're strictly a weight trainer, go do a Yoga class / If you're a runner, go find a gym and learn how to properly lift weights to add to your running routine / If you sit on your couch and watch 30+ hours of TV a week and complain that there isn't enough time to workout, stop bullshitting yourself and go train....

Find something that you love, work your ass off, hit the reset button every couple of months and always challenge your self by stepping out of your comfort zone. This will ensure a long, healthy life, and it will make you an inspiration to others.

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