"Road to the Biggest Spartan Team" (Blog #84)

It all started back in July after a lot of the No Bullers completed a few Spartans in Palmerton, Vermont and New Jersey. We decided that we wanted to bring a squad with us to our home town Spartanat at Citizens Bank Ball park in South Philly. I sent out emails, made Face Book Events, posted info on Instagram and geared our training slightly for things that we'd need to complete the race.

Some of us have a lot of Spartan experience from No Bull, but most of the 70 people that we took to the ball park yesterday were first timers. We had everyone in our group from elite racers, average joe's, big girls, small guys, strong human, weak humans, scared people and even some people with physical disabilities. I stayed on everyone hard for a while, trying to reassure them that they need to sign up and that they will be successful as long as they train hard and prep properly.

Being in the training game for as long as I have been, I know first hand that most peoples biggest issue isn't their strenght, it isn't their diet, it isn't their sleep patterns, it's their confidence levels. People need positivity and that's what I try to inject into them. I try and do it in a way that allows them to get it on their own with a little pushing from me and the team. When you train at No Bull (or any good gym), and you are constantly pushing yourself, you start to gain confidence; you start to do things that you couldnt do a month prior. Physically feeling better changes everything about you from the way you look, the way you feel, the way you move and even the way you see yourself.

By showing clients that they are capable of more than they realize makes them more confident, and makes them more likely to help others. Yesterdays race was a perfect example of this. Some of my team members don't even know each other because they may train at different times, but when we all arrived at the stadium we were one big family. The best example of this was when No Bullers would finish the race, they came down to the dugouts to cheer on everyone still racing. We don't selfishly think of ourselves in these situations, we have buddy systems and we help each other complete the race.

SInce we had the biggest team at Spartan, we all recived a nice Team Patch, our own area at the stadium, free bag check, and an awesome "Biggest Team" trophy that is currently on display at No Bull Training. A few of us decided that since this was many of our No Bullers first race that we'd help throw them over the initial 6 foot wall. This was my favorite part of the race personally, seeing everyone get over that wall was amazing.

These races are not only fun as hell, they give you another reason besides "getting in shape" to train harder, eat better and sleep better. When you know you have a goal in mind, you automatically work harder. Some of us got banged up, bruised up, some stitches and took a few spills, but it's worth it to us. It's more dangerous sitting home and dying heart disease living a sedentary lifestyle. I made sure that some of our team members would limit certain obstacles, not everyone should just an 8 foot wall, it's just too risky and that type of risk is not worth it. I made sure our team stayed within their ability level which made for a successful race...

Having the biggest team got us a few interviews with Spartan and with Comcast which was a great experience. Being able to thank my team and let them know that No Bull is nothing without them while standing on the dugout and on the jumbo tron was just incrediable. We have something special at No Bull because we care about each others well being. We have friendly competitions with each other but not to the point that it creates friction throughout the team. The team comraderie and love we have for one another is on another level.

We plan on bringing 100 No Bullers next Year :)

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