"An Hour at No Bull Training" (Blog #86)

Over the past eight years, I've changed my training methods numerous times. Being open to change is actually a great quality, but it's one that I lacked for a while. Most trainers will tell you how much they know, but they won't tell you how much they don't know. I can honestly say that I learn something new everyday. Everyday I read something or see something that makes me change the way I think about training. When new research and science comes up and it proves a better method that is safer and more beneficial to the clients, I make changes. These changes aren't usually fancy, they're usually subtle and are barley noticed.

The reason for this blog today (besides the fact that my brain is always running) is to go through a Personal Training session or Group Class with you guys. I want to go over the do's and donts and the little idiosyncrasies with you guys to ensure that you all are getting the proper warm up, training, finishers and cool downs. Safety is our number one goal before everything else, and if you're hurt you're no good to yourself or anyone else.

Join me on my journey....(Personal Training)

You pull up to No Bull blasting your favorite song trying to get yourself amped up for what's about to happen. (At-least, that's what I do) You're at No Bull for a PT (Personal Training) session and you want to get leaner, stronger and feel better. The first thing you do is put your stuff away in the shelves. The next step is you Warm Up: The warm up is pretty consistent across the board, I want you all Golf Balling your feet. The goal ball on your feet feels good, and more importantly it releases the fascia around your foot. This is shown to decrease the risk of shin splints, plantar fasciitis and it increases blood flow which will decrease the risk of injury. Some studies actually show that the golf ball in the foot can rid certain types of knee pain. Now you want to be very aggressive with the golf ball, make sure you roll it hard for a bout a minute on each foot.

The next step is grabbing a Mini Band and putting it around the middle of your foot / Once it's there you will Shuttle, or Abduct and Adduct the hips. You will move side to side at a controlled pace never allowing your feet to go too close to each other. The is a great way to activate/warm up the Abductors/Glutes. I usually do this for about thirty-seconds for a couple of rounds. Next, keeping the band where it's at, you will do a slow control march. Make sure your ankle in is plantar-flexion (toes up) so that the band doesn't fall off during the march. March for about 30 seconds and repeat for a couple of rounds. It's important that you try and get your hip flexed high enough to engage your deep hip flexors, not just your quads (which flex the hips).

Following the golf ball and mini-band work you will put your shoes back on and grab a Foam Roller. Foam Rolling feels good and is like a deep tissue massage. The roller will increase blood flow, decrease the risk of injury and release the tight fascia around your muscle bellies. Check out this video for a detailed look at the main parts of the body I'd like most of you to focus on when rolling...(You can roll everything on your body, but these are my favorites)

After you golf ball your feet, do your mini-band work and foam roll, it's time to do some Movement Prep. Movement Preparation is exactly what it sounds like, it preps you for training. This will vary from trainer to trainer or gym to gym. The main goal is to get those muscles heated up and your central nervous system amped up so it's prepped for weight training. Prepping the body for movement will allow you to lift heavier and decrease the risk or you getting injured. Here a few of my favorite warm-up/mobility drills that will get your body ready to lift weights (Fast forward to 3:30 to get to the Mobility drills)

Now you're done warming up and it's time to rock. Here's where the training will vary for you guys; some of you want/need full body workouts, others want/need hypertrophy training. The workouts are always on the board and are there for you guys to see. With the average client coming in two or three days a week, full body workouts are ideal for the best progress. After your resistance training is over it's time for a "Finisher" and/or Core work. This will vary greatly depending on the clients needs, goals and fitness level. Some clients should keep it simple with a thirty-second plank to ten straight leg sit ups for a couple of rounds. Other clients may want something a little tougher like a Tabata (20 seconds of Work / 10 Seconds of Rest / 8 Rounds) of Med Ball Slams to Jump Squats (just an example).

Finally, you have gotten to the Cool Down. Honestly, a little light stretching and chugging a bottle water usually does the trick...Congratulations, you have just completed a Personal Training Session at No Bull. During that time you were training with fellow No Buller's, making new friends and helping each other out with motivation. The team atmosphere we have is hard to top, we pride ourselves on teamwork and helping our fellow No Buller...

(Group Class)

Group Class is a little different in the sense that we all start at the same time and I (or the trainers) will warm you guys up. Now since our classes are pretty big, it's a little harder to do the entire warm up that we do at Personals. A simple fix is to come in a few minutes early and do the Golf Ball, Mini-Band and Foam Roller on your own (after I teach you). The warm-up prior to Group Classes is slightly different class to class, but generally I try and stretch you guys, do a little movement prep and get you ready for battle. Ideally though, you should all learn the warm up (above) and come in early and hit it hard before class...

On top of the warm-up, finisher and cool down, it's vital that you guys always give maximum effort when lifting weights. It's easy to fall into a rut of just "going through the motions" and getting your training in. It's vital that you continually push yourself and your teammates as hard as you can, safely as you can. I say this all the time and I will continue to say this: The Basics Work! If you've been training for a while, I bet you don't hit the basics like you did early on in your training career. We are all guilty of this, but it's a big mistake. Regardless if you're a rookie or a vet, warm up, golf ball your feet, foam roll, movement prep and train hard.

Have a great night...

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