"My Day at a Seminar" (Blog #87)

Since I left Fair Lawn, Nj yesterday after the Perform Better Seminar, I've been deciding on how to approach tonights blog. After a lot of thought, I've decided to keep it simple and instead of boring you guys with all of the little details that most of you probably dont care to hear anyway, I will approach this a different way...

Yesterdays seminar was basically a group of 300 coaches from around the country and four guest speakers. These speakers all excelled as coaches in different aspects of coaching. One coach was a speed and agility guy, the other was a Strength Coach, the other was a coach who trained perdominatley Professional Athletes from various sports, and the other coach was a business guru.

The mixture of knowledge and passion was spewing from them all. It was such a great feeling being around so many passionate coaches for once, because unfortunatley, many coaches are in it for the wrong reasons and lack passion. I was all ears the entire seminar, jotting down notes as quickly as I could and taking mental notes even quicker. As I approach a decade in the training game, I've come to a point that I realize how much I don't know and I am well aware of how much more I have to learn.

Five years ago, that feeling and lack of knowledge would have put me in a state of cocky denial; but now, it makes me grind even harder to learn everything there is to learn (which may never happen). Knowing what you know and more importantly, knowing what you dont know is the key to reaching the next level in this game. The speakers were firing out so much information that it actually put my brain on over-load. After re-reading and organizing my notes today, I found another couple dozen gems of knowledge.

The speakers all had their strengths and I enjoyed them all in different ways. One thing that stood out in my head the most was when one of the speakers talked about the way a coach can have such a deep impact on people. An impact to change a persons life for the better, not only through fitness, but the way we can add confidence to a person that may have very little. Just simply beleiving in someone will automatically make them have a little more beleif in themsleves.

Being a coach is having people trust you, your system and your ability to make them better, even when they arent with you. My goal is to have my entire team so disciplined that they finish every rep, even when I'm not looking - I want them all to have such great character, that they eat clean even when they know no one is watching - I want my team to have such a great positive energy, that it rubs off on everyone they meet. I want my team to be better humans that are not only better physically, but also have the ability to positively impact others.

These seminars are a great experience because no matter how hard you're currently grinding, they let you see that you have a lot more in the tank. We all need a little motivation when we're striving to get better. Knowing to put more work in your weaker areas and maintaining your strong areas is a great lesson to be learned for us all...

Overall, the seminar and the people were great. While at the seminar, I couldn't stop thinking about my Team back home and I kept thinking about how amazing our Team really is. I've always knew deep down that one day I was going to have a gym full of killers, but to have a gym full of selfless, team oriented, mentally tough monsters that are also people that I would (and do) hang out with outside of No Bull just leaves me in awe.

You're all amazing and I couldn't do what I do without all of you. So my promise to you guys is that I will make sure to keep making our programs, our gym, our staff and the gym atmosphere better every year! Together we can accomplish all of our goals and live stronger, healthier, more fulfilling lives...

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