"Your Fitness Journey Led You Elsewhere" (Bog #89)

So you made a decision to start lifting weights to lose fat, get stronger and feel better. Assuming that you're on a good program, you are pretty successful so far. But low and behold, your "weight loss" journey has led you somewhwere much greater, a place you never imagined possible. A good gym/training program will reward your hard work and dedication with fat loss, increased strength and you feeling better overall, but there's a lot more to be gained when you stick with it and push yourself harder.

On top of the physical strength you earned during training, you become a leader, you will find inner strength that you didnt even know you had. You earned the ability to delegate tough situations because that "gym strength" has given you the confidence to speak up and take action. You earned a sense of independence now because you know you can handle yourself when the pressures on. Pull Ups have allowed you to see the beautiful person you are inside. Sled Pushes have allowed you to bring out your true character. Barbell Dead Lifts have allowed you to ask for that raise that you know you deserve. Dumbbell Over Head Presses have allowed you to let people in your life know that you will not be spoken to in a disrespectful way. Kettle Bell Swings have allowed you to ask that special someone out on a date, because this stuff makes you a better you!!

During Personals and Group Classes I hear a lot of complimentns being thrown around from client to client, and I dont mean the snotty, fake kind. I hear genuine compliments that you guys dish out to each other which is a sign that you are a confident person and have enough character to share a nice message with a fellow human. That is one of the many ways I can measure if No Bull is doing the right stuff, when I am in the gym everyday with a bunch of strong, healthy, confident, hardworking machines who all have different goals, but are all helping each other reach thiers.

If your training and nutrition hasn't opened up these doorways for you yet, train harder, sleep better, make better nutritiional choices when no ones looking, and stick with it....It's coming!!

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