"Are You a Leader" (Blog #93)

Today's blog has been churning in my belly for a couple of weeks now. Leadership is something that's inside of us all, whether or not we tap into it is a different story. I knew early on as a youngster that I wanted to be the head of the pack, not for the perks (which can be good), but because I knew that people needed leaders around them for guidance and safety. The human as an individual is smart, people (sheeple) in herds are panicky, indecisive and sometimes dumb. If you doubt this, go watch what happens when crowds of people riot or win a big championship game.

The leader of the pack has a better insight of the entire picture, they can see situations in there entirety and not just a snapshot. A good leader will act instead of react to situations, and they will do so with a controlled, calmness instead of making a quick, emotional decision. Everyone is a leader is some facet of their life or another, if you're a mommy or daddy you make plenty of leadership decisions. But how are your leadership skills when it comes to your self? Do you take control and make the proper choices when it comes to your nutrition, sleep and training?

My mentor and I spoke the other day and he said something that stuck in my head: He said, "If we treated our Cars like we treat our Bodies, they wouldn't last very long". He was 100% right on the money, we're quick to wash, wax, fuel up and take care of our vehicles knowing that we have to maintain them so they can help us get from point A to point B, but most of us don't do that with our bodies. We're quick to sit around and not exercise, eat fast food (which Shortens our lives), and skip out on precious hours of sleep that we know is good for us.

The beautiful thing about being human is that we can always keep learning, changing and adapting to our surroundings and situations. If you're on "Diet A" and it isn't working, you can research and try something else. If you lack the leadership skills that will make you a better human, you can read books and learn from other leaders to help you. Darwin said in his book, The Origin of Species, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

Another trait of a good leader is the ability to take directions and orders from other leaders as well. You can't lead until you've been lead. We all have to have some intrinsic motivation inside of us stewing around. We must not sit around and hope someone comes and puts broccoli in our face, or sit back and wait for someone to come to our house and lift weights for us while we reap all the benefits. That's not how this game works, you have to take a leadership role in your own life and make a plan of attack, and succeed.

I'll leave you all with this: Every week No Bull gets "rooks," that my name for all the newbies that come into the gym. I jokingly tell them they have to earn their stripes and earn their name or a nickname, but until then, they are called "Rook". Everyone at some point starts out as a rook, and after time goes by their confidence, strength and movement efficiency goes up and then something amazing happens; the one time rook starts to help the newer rooks out in the gym. They start to LEAD the others and assist them in their training, and it's a beautiful thing to watch.

So more importantly than you becoming better by becoming a better Leader, is the simple fact that after you become a better Leader, you can use that power to help others around you / And that's awesome!!

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