"Winter Grind" (Blog #94)

Many of us hate the cold weather, mainly because it limits our ability to go outside to the park or the beach. Months of cold weather can give humans what we call the winter blues because we're stuck in the house for months without the freedom that we have in the spring and summer. This is the time to spend in a gym or at your house grinding. What I mean by grinding is training really hard, even when you just don't feel like it. The winter months are a great opportunity to get strong and prepare your body for the beautiful approaching summer where you can be outdoors biking, running, swimming and doing mud runs.

Many of us get it stuck in our heads that during (and after) the holidays we're just in a rut and we can't get out because of some winter demon holding us back. This just isn't the case, we all have complete control over what we eat, whether or not we hit the gym everyday during the colder months, and what type of mindset we put ourselves in. Since my time as a trainer I get dozens of people a year that have certain goals but do nothing to attain them. They'll wait until mid-April to get ready for bikini season, and depending on how much work you need to do, that just isn't enough time.

Stop promoting the negative mindset of being a slug in the winter and try and grind with Hikes, In-home Kettle Bell Workouts, Treadmill work and/or hit your gym 3+ Days a week. When you grind hard in the winter, your spring and summer are a lot more fun, you're in a better mind-set because you know you put the work in, your mud runs are a success because you spent all winter preparing your bones and muscles for those battles, and you're more confident to wear less clothing when you go out or when you go to the beach.

I will leave you all with this: I believe the main culprit in the daily struggle of most, is a lack of confidence and a self-pity game. The irony is that you gain confidence when you grind and put the work in. So start really putting the time in, the heavy lifting in, the meal prepping in, the water drinking in, the proper sleeping in and stop feeling sorry for yourself. We are all blessed that we have the simple ability to MOVE and many of us choose to sit on our I pads/I phones and TVs for hours a day instead of taking advantage of an ability that some would kill to have.

If this doesn't make you start Grinding TODAY, there may be no help for you - Take charge and go Grind!!

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