"A day at the Park with Team No Bull Training" (Blog #92)

I've joked for years that the only people that should jog or run are those that don't carry a weapon, or those that can't fight. Today all of us non-runners got our butts kicked during No Bulls first annual 5K and 10K race. Although I must admit, we all had a blast. The best part of todays Run was the 100 amazingly, supportive humans that joined us in our quest. From the beginning, everyone was high fiving each other, patting each other on the back and even yelling words of wisdom at those that began to struggle. At one point I heard a No Buller yell to me "Keep going Bull"; that little gesture helped and made me up my pace.

Todays run wasn't about beating everyone around you, it was about pushing yourself and seeing what you're made of. It was also another reason for people to get out off of their couches and move! We had people from literally every walk of life; old, young, big, small, athletic, rookies, runners, non-runners and even kids. Some people walked the 5K that took them an hour, others ran the 10K in under 45 Minutes. In the end it didn't matter where you placed or how well you did, as long as everyone pushed themselves, we were all proud of each other.

It's quite a sight to have 100 pairs of eyeballs looking at you when you're giving the pre-race announcements and warming everyone up. It was fun to see all the different vibes and looks that everyone had. In some of those eyes, I saw nothing but fear, in others I felt intensity and excitement, but regardless of the pre-race feelings, everyone there showed a ton of heart for simply having the courage to show up.

Setting up the run the way we did left us with an added bonus; I set the run up where we had to either run to a halfway point of the 5K or 10K, and then you had to return the same way you had just come. This meant that you would pass all of your fellow runners and be able to see them face to face. Then something amazing started to happen, all of the runners that would pass each other would reach out and give each other a high five and a nice gesture. That's what it's all about. I definitely have a new respect for runners, it takes a ton of mental toughness to just keep running. You can easily get inside your own head and psych yourself out. No, I'm not converting to a runner, I'm still staying on the dark-side and lifting heavy stuff, but I did have fun today. :)

To top off the day, everyone got to enjoy Andrea's famous Protein Bars after the run. Sitting down and talking about the race with everyone afterwards while drinking a water and eating a clementine was really nice. You get to see a different side of people after they just pushed themselves through a tough run, they're more open and proud of who they are. Im beyond proud of each and everyone of you guys, and more importantly, you should all be proud of yourselves...

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