"PIZZA" (Blog #91)

What's your weakest link in your Pizza Pie??

We all love Pizza, but I'm talking about the slices in your pie that dictate your overall health, not the kind that comes with Pepperoni!!

8 Slices in your Pie:

1st Slice = Sleep / Do you get good sleep? Sleep is vital for recovery and good health / Do you play on your phone all night instead of getting that much needed rest?

2nd Slice = Training / Do you lift weights to fend off aging, low bone density and fat gain? Cardio? Do you use the proper intensities to elicit change?

3rd Slice = Water / Are you hydrated? Do you eat when you're actually just thirsty?

4th Slice = Support System / Do you have people that back you in your health journey, or do they want to go sit at the Cheese Cake Factory everyday!?

5th Slice = Mental Health / Are you an upbeat, positive person? Or do you constantly put yourself down?

6th Slice = Nutrition / Do you eat out a lot? Do you know how to cook? Do you eat like a 4 year old? If your trainer followed you around for a week, would you eat the same way? Would you be embarrassed to show people what you REALLY eat?

7th Slice = Sedentary Lifestyle / Even if you hit the gym 2 days a week, you can still be considered sedentary if you're sitting around the rest of the week. Do you Hike, Bike, Walk, Swim, Jog or get an hour of movement everyday?

8th Slice = Consistency / Without consistency there's nothing but repeated failures, low self esteem and lack of focus and motivation.

These 8 Slices represent your overall health / I want you guys to grade yourselves on a 1 to 5 Scale / 1 Being Terrible, 5 being Your Great in that category. Answer honestly, and make the proper changes that will strengthen any of your weak links....

We all have room for improvement / Feel free to share your Answers or write them down and work on them everyday!!

Set Goals / Work Your Ass Off / Be the person you wanna be

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