"Why a Gym Owner Joins a Gym" (Blog #95)

When I tell people that I joined a Gym that isn't my own, they all give me the same awkward look. To be honest, I don't blame them, it does seem odd that a person who owns a gym and has twenty-four hour access to that gym needs to go to another gym. The simple answer is that I love training, I love the way it makes me feel when I'm done. To get a little more in-depth about why I joined another gym is a little deeper.

We all need accountability, without it, most of us will go hard for a few weeks and than fizzle out. I go to another gym because I know every month I am paying money that I worked hard for, and I'm not just going to waste it. If I'm paying a monthly Membership at a gym, you better believe that I will take full advantage of it. I also like switching things up, I work at No Bull Training 7 days a week and a lot of times the last thing I feel like doing after Personals or Classes, is training myself there. Just like at our Training Sessions and Classes, we all perform better (and push harder) when we know that other people are around. When we lift with others around, we are more inclined to do things even better and harder than if we were alone.

Another reason I joined a gym is because it's easier for me to focus on MY own training oppose to my clients programs. I take my job extremely serious (more than people know) and it's easy for me to give all of my time and energy to my amazing team and leave myself on the back burner. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I am a better trainer, coach, father, son and human when I am in tip-top shape. So me being at my strongest and leanest is beneficial for my gym and my team. I also see the value in having a good gym membership, it makes me watch my finances and spending a little closer, and it lets me spend my money on something that can give me back so much in return, my health!

Lastly, the reason I joined a gym is because I get to spend more time with my fiancé. Obviously we live together, but with my schedule and her in school to become a realtor, and taking care of our amazing kiddies, we don't spend as much time together as we want to. It's a great opportunity for us to train each other doing the thing we both really enjoy, weight lifting. Some of you may not know that Andrea is a Personal Trainer who also graduated from the National Personal Training Institute at the top of her class, which makes her a great person to push me to my limits.

If I didn't own No Bull Training I would definitely join for all of the same reasons I listed above. We all need accountability, assessments, to be surrounded by other motivated humans looking to better themselves, and we all need to be pushed. You will eat better if you know you have to step on that scale every 4 to 6 weeks, you will lift heavier if you find yourself to have weaknesses, you will push yourself harder when you are in a room full of like minded people, you will make sure you get your water in if you know it will help you train better at No Bull...

You get the point!! We all need a Push / We all need a Team / We all need a Positive voice in our heads telling us that we can do it!!

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