"5 Things that must be part of your Daily Routine" (Blog #96)

Todays blog post will be short, sweet and to the point. After many years of being in the Health and Fitness industry, I've compiled a list of things that I notice almost all healthy people do as part of their daily routines. Many people think success, health and wealth come from huge drastic changes overnight, but that isn't the case at all. Longterm success and health come from small, deliberate, consistent, daily habits.

#1: Get Organized: Whether it's a food journal, a check book or a shopping list, successful people track everything. Take the guessing out of it...Have you ever asked yourself after pay day, "Where has all my money gone"? You should know exactly where it went!

#2: Expose Weaknesses: Don't be afraid to open yourself up and see what you need to work on. Just like when you go to a Financial Advisor, they want to see everything, all your spending habits and debts. They want to see where you are so they can make a plan of attack for you.

#3: Move Daily: Healthy people are always on the move. They Bike, Jog, Hike, Swim, Sprint, Weight Train, or they take Yoga Classes. You have to move everyday, no excuses! A recent interview I watched recently on Royce Gracie (a Jiu Jitsu legend), went into detail about his day to day ways of living. At the end of his day he told the camera man that most people simply cant keep up with him during his day because he is so focused and precise. After watching a day in the life of Royce, he's correct...

#4: Educate Yourself: It's vital to educate yourself in all areas. I don't mean the junk that floats around on Social Media either, if you want to know more about Nutrition, go to the Book store and get a fact-based book. Science is always gaining new ground and things change quickly, make sure you stay up with the times when it comes to your life (Health, Finances, Family, Etc).

#5: Work Harder: Most people you speak to will tell you that they work really hard, and that may be true; but working hard is relative. One mans hard work may be another mans average morning. Don't waste time on things that wont get you better, put more time and more effort into things that will lead you to the places you want to go...

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